Joe Budden Out & About With Kaylin and Kyra

· September 13, 2012

Joe ran some errands with his girlfriend Kaylin Garcia and her friend Kyra Chaos around NYC. One of those stops included a photos shoot with Robin V who was recently posted. At this rate Joe Budden new nick name is going to be Jack Tripper from the Three’s company. From the results of the face off poll between Kyra and Kaylin, Kyra is still crowned the winner.

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  1. Realtalkin says:

    Kaylin very nice but im still goin for Kyra all day

    • queso BP.1 says:

      All day but I’m LOOOOOOOVIN that 5th pic of kaylin.

    • I gotta disagree wit u @real, I’m definitely feeling Kaylin more. I’m picking face & body….over just body lol. Smashing both the same way tho

      • MoorFedayeen says:

        Damnnnn B2 Str8, you said that “over jus body” like Kira butt ugly or something when in truth she pretty then a maphucka. The choice is clear…and in 2012 simps still winning. I wonder just how loose Kaylin get with Joe if you know where I’m headed. Is she into threesomes?

        • @moor,she(kyra) ain’t a looker like Kaylin. I’m not saying kyra is ugly….I’m just sayn Kaylin has more of the complete package looks-wise. U gotta respect joey for the chicks he wifing…..they all physically bad as hell!!

          • Omen says:

            To Keep it real with you I think from what you said in the first statement you judging based off of skin makin seem like kyra is in no competition with kaylin…but then again… Kaylin seems to be more redbone and you seem to give her an automatic pass.. but in reality..Kyra is a way better look then Kaylin is.. Kyra is an overall good look

  2. Ttown419 says:

    They in the bed doing the kid n play…budden gettin ready for the house party RESPECT

  3. R.E.D.BP Monopoly says:

    I ain’t even Mad at Joe…If you can convince yo girl to hop in bed with somethin built like Kyra You get 100% props from me.

  4. RunTellDat says:

    Lmao i swear… What spell do this nygga be puttin on girls??? He snags whatever girl he wants. FINE girls at that! i dont get it.. maybe it’s the money or the lifestyle. Oh well, i aint mad, it’s just funny to see this nygga work his magic on these bytches, cuz they dont even see it comin or realize what they in for…

    WHO NEXT? …lol

    • jfizzle says:

      @run, I think it’s all about confidence. This dude puts them all in the same bag and goes for it. I remember when I was younger I had a problem of putting pretty girls on a pedastal, then I would get mad when some other dude would get em. Once I started treating the pretty ones like it wasn’t anything special and got my confidence up it was all good.

    • REX REDBONES!!!!! says:

      Yea ok I can agree fizzle,but u have to take into account his fame n fortune,HOW CAN U OVER LOOK THAT GUYS????in my opinion he wouldn’t b gettin as many pretty women if he didn’t have far more things to offer such as,video appearances,v.I.p. @ shows,award shows,vacations,meeting her favorite rapper/ entertainer etc…that plays a HUGE PART LET’S NOT KID OURSELVES BUT I DO FEEL U CUZ UR RIGHT AS WELL

  5. queso BP.1 says:

    Lmao @hahz jack tripper…I hope he go for that threesome though! If it aint already goin down!

  6. REX REDBONES!!!!! says:

    Hoe probably hittin both them hoes,but that’s what alil fame n fortune can do for u so I expect nuthin less

    • BzB says:

      i’m thinking the same. kaylin getting caught up in the life, or just enjoying the moment. same for kyra.

      either way joey is on a crucial winning streak lately.

  7. Pretty Ricky What They Call Him says:

    @fizzle That’s it my dude. Its all about confidence. Most guys are nervous to approach a girl who is dime status (I was) because of fear of rejection. Once u realize that a “No” won’t kill you its no girl u won’t holla at no matter how fine she is.

  8. DonkRida® says:

    Gotta give Joe props. He got game

  9. Southwestern says:

    I know I ain’t the only one noticed this nuh getting his legs waxed. There is nothing to envy about this guy. The chicks like him cause they can relate to him so much.

  10. damnshame says:

    Straight Pimpin

  11. BigRob says:

    Look at both these chicks faces. Kyra loses without a doubt. That 1st pic is the real kyra chaos minus makeup or whatever she does to look 100% better.

  12. BigRob says:

    Kyra ain’t ass bad as ans fellas make her seem. She has a fat ass but def not a donk. Saggy small titts before implants, Floyd may weather face . Would I fuk. Hell yea is she a dime or super bad. Hell no

    • Will says:

      You been going hard on Kyra lately BigRob…I’m not her biggest fan and I agree wit u 2 an extent…but even Big Booty Buffie had her day, so right now its Kyra’s turn…she won’t be around long playa…lol!

    • TYBO2020 says:


  13. TYBO2020 says:


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