Joe Budden recently individually got a picture with some of NY’s finest models.. That included Bernice Burgos, Tatted Up Holly, Gracii & Yaris Sanchez to be exact. In music related news Slaughterhouse has been in the both with producers such as Just Blaze for their upcoming album project. Joe qouted one of pictures in the strip club ” Writing in the strip club… #HouseGang”.

  • miller

    bernice and yaris some bad bitches the holly chick really needs to lay off the war paint

    • Ha

      • MoorDetroitRed

        Bernice murked this post..and any #BP that stupid enough to step to her.

        #TC_Murda_Malitia in the f*ckin building folks

        • RED(The Corp *Best In The World*)

          I knew TC was in the building because all the hoes left the dance floor and joined MGC in VIP.

          Dance floor full of lames

          @850 in his smedium shirt and skinny jeans
          @Moor in his Girbauds and Tall White Tee
          @Too_Funny-In his Jean Shorts and Nautica shirt

          • MoorDetroitRed

            I’m rocking that tall-tee cause the bartender let me in the back door with that pistol grip pump.

          • joe

            hahaa let you in the back door with the pump i like that one.

          • joe

            Moor sound like Styles P. with that line.

  • Realtalkin

    Holly, Bernice and Yaris can get it. That Gracii chick just look weird to me.

  • President Ward

    These chicks are sluts no lie.

    • President Ward

      Just playing.

  • queso (The Corp)

    I see Bernice here n there in the club chick is stunnin kid…mad down to earth too.

    • 850

      @Queso u didn’t take her home yet bruh?

  • queso (The Corp)

    @850 nah kid she ain’t that down to earth lol….I had a good amount of though just ain’t into the bragging shi#

  • REX!!!

    @queso,really all these hoez should be DOWN TO EARTH,if simp azz dudes didn’t put them all on pedestals thatll bring their OVER INFLATED EGO DOWN SOME!!!

    but yea their all smashable by far…

    • queso (The Corp)

      @Rex Yea she mad cool kid so is Tahiry…I mean u get regular bitc#es on the street that’s wack as hell that’s stuck up so of course u might get a few of these broads that’s feelin themselves. As long as u got some G…mad confident wit ur shi# and look half way decent u can pull these chicks wit ease kid….and I ain’t balling by no means lol

      • REX!!!

        @Queso,most def kid confidence is GOLDEN,chix thats down to earth makes it easy to communicate and be urself around them

        Love them type kiddo!!!

  • stanb

    Just seen yaris on ustream yesterday she mad cool!!!!

  • Playboy69

    Bernice Burgos get the Standing Ovation….. That Twix Booty is looking lovely!….LOL!

  • RED(The Corp *Best In The World*)

    Bernice and Yaris

  • dagreatpasquale

    this dude doesn’t stop with the domincanas!