Check out a new series of pictures of 1/4 of Slaughter House Joe Budden with his new girlfriend Kaylin Garcia.




  • Say what u want about joey…..the man has great taste in chicks #real talk

    • reefmoney

      Exactly….Joe buddens remind me of a select few of “Chosen Ones” guys who CONSISTENTLY pull women out of their league.

      And before anybody gets on me and say Joe is a semi famous rapper who has money, remember most of these women can either date a.) A MORE famous rapper or b.) get a guy who is not famous but has MORE money

      but how many of yall know somebody like that…he not the cutest, he not the richest, he not the tallest, he’s not the funniest, but…..for some odd reason he gets TOP QUALITY women.

  • Prime706

    B3000 yeah man he keep a bad bit$&. On his team

  • Jamez

    sooo hes just a stepping stool for models nowadays?? remind me somethin like that new kanye workout plan xcept this called tha budden bundle

  • tone

    He likes video chicks. I don’t think I would be going after all kinds of chicks that have been passed around.

    • cadillacgrease of BP

      @tone tru that frat bro! but that cat get his..

      • MoorFedayeen

        I def be going after them but not getting all booed up like he doing. Can’t blame him though. That bonus pic is mean! Cake, Cake, Cake, Cake, Cake, Cake, Cake

        That’s all I saw

        • MalleG’s

          That azz looks like a little tropical island, I’ll be her castaway

  • MisterMidas

    This nicca gotta have 18,0000 pics of whatever chick he fukkin with at the time…ALL THE TIME, huh? I’ll give it to em, I aint seen a chick he been with yet I wouldnt smash, but damn…this like the only thing he got going for him. Cause it damn sho aint nobody buyin his records.

    • MoorFedayeen

      Ok….he sells records to get money, money to get the h0es…cause what else is money good for? Seems he’s skipped the selling records parts and still got the h0es. He still won.

      • MisterMidas

        It aint winning if you aint getting paid too bro.

        Like the saying goes, you never miss h0es chasing money….but you’ll miss out on money chasing h0es.

  • Red BP

    Joe be pullin some nice pieces but we all know how emo this nigga is so it ain’t gon last long

    Just make a Mood Musik 5

    • Lil Boo

      You lame dude @red

      • Red BP

        Why you change ya name to Lil Boo @FlyVega?

        I already know it’s you ol sucka ass nigga

  • Red BP

    It’s always some new ass nigga coming at Red…..I embrace the hate


    • trap101

      they’re those cats that are just mad all the time and need to even be mad in make-believe land of the internet. It’s probably the closest dudes ever been to pu**y, so he’s gonna get a lil emotional

  • DCAssLuva

    not feeling her maybe its the hair and no azz compared too tahiry

    no tits compared too esther

  • trap101

    Damn @Hahz ur lil trooper Tinzen is goin’ to work in the forums,

    • presto 2.0



    Maaaan f*ck this lame azz dude he’s more known for his women than music plus other ninjas get hoes too like,kanye,ludacris,jeezy,HELL EVEN FLAVOR FLAV F*CK DEELISHIS,when u got fame n fortune u can keep a bad bitch yall actin like he’s doin it like we gotta do it,BASED ON UR OWN MERITS,not superficial shhh like fame fortune he ain’t no better than us JUST MORE POPULAR,WHATEVER AND I AIN’T HATING I’M CALLIN IT LIKE IT IS

    • tone

      When a man has any kind of fame and power the young ladies will come. I really can’t give him props. Now when a brotha in the regular 9 to 5 world does he deserves all the props.

      • REX REDBONES!!!!!

        Thank u tone that’s exactly what I’m tryin to say

        • MoorFedayeen

          That’s real

  • Realtalkldn

    She bad for sure

  • 313Deuce

    Why do i get the feelin that she tired of this nigga already.

  • TYBO2020


    • TYBO2020


  • Mike

    Stop calling these hoes his GFs, they’re jump offs.

  • EazyWills

    This is how Budden gets his publicity. Remember Tahiry was how we knew he was still alive. As soon as this chick gets bored with him, he’s going to air her out on Twitter.

  • Ruby_Redd93

    Plzzz….knowin her for yearz she is a gold digger. She aint nuttin special, just f%^$ her agent to get where she is now. glad i aint associate wit her no mo