For some men like Joe Budden having a woman that loves women is a dream come true. It’s no secret Kaylin loves women as much as Joe, the new LHHA couple were in the club getting touchy-feely with the staff. Would you wife a woman who goes both ways?

I used to date someone who went both ways for a year and she never showed me her lesbian side so I feel like I was cheated on a potential wild experience.

  • Yo @hahz, I’d damn sure consider marrying a chick that likes women. Especially if she is as hot as Kaylin LOL. Maybe that chick u dated didn’t feel u were open enough for her to be comfortable with showing u her lesbian side *shrugs*. Joey & Kaylin get it poppin together LOL…I ain’t mad at him

    • MoorFedayeen

      You asking for problems with that one. I want an intelligent, feminine woman that I can grow old with, not a slut I hit the strip clubs with that’s down for what ever.

  • Mister Mister

    I couldn’t seriously wife a chick that was so heavy into other chicks, but I’d have some fun in the meantime with one that does

  • BullnBearHP

    A chic that likes chics SOUNDS cool until ur left out one night…. then she’s cheating…. lol

    • desolation

      or she bring you back a std. either way I leave lezzies and bi girls in the $%^%^$ buddy category. if your chick get more/ as much pu$$y than/ as you, have your fun. but after a month or two, tell her its time to part like 90s haircuts.

  • bighomie53

    I messed around wit a couple chicks that were into girls & brought they homegirl with them & we all got down but i never thought about wifin any of em cause they freaks and you really can’t trust a true freaky b**** cause she liable to do anything with anybody!!!!!!! #WP


      Thats why u cant be a freak with everyone….just with one person. Thats why I dont cheat cause I like to do too much.