In case your unfamiliar with the new magazine called Originators, it’s a spin off of Kayslay’s Straight Stuntin. The twerk-star strippa Jhonni Blaze is in the last issue. Are you feeling the shot?

NSFW Picture
Bonus Pic

  • Bonus pics are hot!! I’d definitely love 2 touch her LOL.

    *favorite Jhonni blaze vid*

    • MoorFedayeen

      Oh in other words that’s the vid you wack it to the most. I get it. But aye where the b1tch furniture at in the background. I seen that fun size fridge she got (Prob empty left over Coney Island) Ran down azz carpet. Wtf bro. U got these h0es living in section-8 apts and you making all that damn BP money. Smh

      • BUT..if she sat in your lap,what would you do? @Moor

      • DonkRida


  • MoorFedayeen

    All that random d1ck, birth control and fast food on the road must be taking its toll cause this broad is falling off. Her stomach use to be like a wash board now she got a pouch. Why most #Bp broads sluts and strippers?

    • President Ward


  • nyrkkkkkkkka22

    lost my interest in her once she got those spotted tats on her ass, it makes her look trashier than she already did, and she started to let herself go

    • President Ward


      • President Ward


  • ginoBrown

    When it comes 2 these strippers,video chicks,etc i swear some of u dudes are way 2 technical about it…everyone knows ain’t none of these broads perfect or wife material so why not just enjoy the view instead of trying 2 find every little flaw like you wouldn’t at least try 2 holla if you saw them in person?…all i gotta say about Blaze is that she can get the business.

    • just slidin through

      co-sign 100%

      • Realtalkin

        mos def