Jhonni Blaze took her talents to Texas, check her out dancing to Houston’s Slim Thug’s “Summer Time” in her latest video.


  • queso (The Corp)

    Ay yo I like this lil hood azz chick!! She got a mad nice shape. That azz is right!!

    • bighomie53

      What up @queso,, you right she do gotta nice shape & aint nuttin like a slim chick witta fat a$$!!!!! #WP

      • queso (The Corp)

        No doubt..she just seems like u wouldn’t be able to tolerate her on a consistent basis..smash and dash son..saw a few interviews wit her she sound mad ignorant

        • MoorFedayeen

          Yea she def aint nothin to take serious just off the attention whoring but that body is excellent. She need to be slapped for them ugly azz tatts though

          • Why one day you talking like a white boy. And then another day you talking like a hood n*gga.


  • bighomie53

    She gotta nice a$$ & she look like a freak too!!!!!!! I love the a$$ clap as-well and i’d definitely drop it off in her!!!!!!! #WP

    • queso (The Corp)

      Definitely gettin the bent over treatment!!

      • bighomie53

        Yes sir,, B.O.T. !!!!! #WP

        • LOL. B.O.T

          • tyuaza

            nah not her, but she could most definitely get laid down though

          • queso (The Corp)

            @TY why no B.O.T treatment for her kid?

          • tyuaza

            besides her voice there’s nothing special,unique,attention grabbing
            then on top of that she arrogant and i cant stand arrogant as females a ruthless pet peeve i got

  • She look good. But her dancing stills are just WACK!

  • Pceezy

    Her body right ,,, her lips is super right

  • Realtalkin

    Super smashin, nice body on her. Face quite nice too

  • She can get served the dick….nice

  • R.E.D.Corp GOD

    *Nods Head in approval*

  • RunTellDat

    She overrated to me.

  • dcassluva

    She phat!! But she immature as hell and I hate all the tats and bright lipstick but I’ll get a lapdance

  • Downbydariver

    Body rite this new york broad ready, any nicca who wouldnt wit it for a month or two is a sucker & got dat jerry sandusky syndrome…niccas whining like a 4 minrh ile baby abt sum tattoos…smmfh…