Someone I know works closely with a Jewish businessman. *One day, the two had an honest conversation, in which the Jewish man asked, “Do you know what my Jewish friends call the black community?”

My friend said, “No, what do they call us?”

He replied, “We call you liquid money. The same way that water falls out of a man’s hands, money typically seeps out of a black person’s hands the same way. Your community gets money and immediately gives it all away to people who aren’t black. *We see that as a huge business opportunity.”

He then used the example of many black people on payday or when we get our tax refunds. *He noted how we’ll go to an Indian business to cash the check, an Asian hair salon, a corner store owned by Arabs and a department store owned by whites. *He explained how, when it’s all said and done, these other business people are waiting like hungry animals to eat our bank accounts as if we are the prey.

This is not an attack on Jewish people, but a lesson on how ignorant we look when we keep giving all of our money away. *Part of the New Paradigm Construct is to help all of us understand the importance of finding ways to keep money in our own communities, the same way you plant a seed from a piece of fruit in order to grow more fruit in your garden. If you’re always waiting for someone else to feed you, you are typically an inch or two away from starvation.

It’s something to think about.

Here’s the lesson:

1) In America, you have no almost no power if you don’t own something. *There is no pride in a platform on which you sit if it can be taken away from you on a second’s notice. *You have been seduced into believing that you have real power, when the truth is that you do not.

2) If we never learn the value of supporting of black-owned businesses, we are always going to be disappointed. *We are going to have the highest unemployment rates, the lowest wealth levels and the greatest degrees of frustration. *When I had a three hour personal conversation with Min. Louis Farrakhan (followed by a nine-hour closed economic summit a month later), one point that he made (which I agree with entirely) is that black people can learn a great deal from watching how the Jewish community handles it’s wealth. *In order for us to grow as a people, we must realize this important fact: *Our money is our power and we cannot give it all away.


Dame Dash said it best..


  • Southwestern

    I’d be a real lame if I cared what Jews, or any other race, thought of me. I’m original man, the hell they talking about. And bitching and complaining just isnt in our DNA, well mines anyway. Everybody complaining has free will to run up in a Jew’s Bank and take yours, tax free. And If Black Businesses have good products and services at good prices, of course I’ll support. If not, get on your soapbox and complain instead of making moves. The Movement is Strong Arming in 2014, get with it or get ran over.

    • jamarxyz

      so robberies are the answer…just run up in all the banks and snatch what you want….thanks for the advice,but i think i’ll take another route…after you rob your banks,just dont post it on facebook.

      • jamarxyz

        OK….back to reality,…we are the poorest group with the biggest thirst for material wealth…we make other people rich buy buying shit we dont even need…Jews have wealth,but they dont spend money on dumb shit that they dont need….and reality is,even if you purchase a house,you will never own it…you will just have a piece of paper saying you made all the payments required for the priveledges to stay in that home…if you dont pay your taxes on that home,you will forfeit those priveledges to stay there and you will be put out,meaning you never owned it in the 1rst place…if youre paying taxes on something,you can never be an owner….the game is real clever.

        • Montely Wilson-Bey

          I get your point, but don’t contradict yourself. We cannot be the poorest group if others are getting and staying rich off of us! The point is how we are doing this. Doesn’t matter who speaks the truth, just as long as it is truth and in this case it is the truth. For example, I know several brothers that have the same Air Jordan with different color schemes, as well as every new Jordan for the last 5+ years. At over $100 a pair it is no wonder Jordan grossed over $40 million last year but hasn’t shot a basketball in over 10 years. Now that’s one brother that is not investing a dime in the black community. Just threw that out there to also point out that we need to be careful when doing business with black people as well.

          • Cb

            People like you kill me with that uneducated nonsnse about Jordan. Just because he may not advertise his charitable gifts, donations or his spending habits does NOT mean he does not do it. Do us a favor………before you ever post again in your life, base it on educated truth and facts!! You make yourself seem ignorant otherwise.

          • Quez

            Those Jordan’s are made by Nike which is owned by a white man nike or team Jordan are not black businesses go look up what qualifies as a black business before you speak about what you don’t know… Ignorance is bliss..
            I’ll save you some time just in case you’re too busy to look it up..
            definition of a Black-owned business is a business which is at least 50% owned by an individual or individuals of African descent.
            Jordan is not that

          • Hahz

            Link to source of information or it’s false.

        • lily

          Well. EVERYBODY has to pay taxes. Every color , every religion. If you own a home you have to pay taxes. Make sure you keep all improvement receipts to deduct and you will pay less taxes.

    • dusty

      lol no you are mixed with white so you aint the original man

      • Ron

        Quit regurgitating that lie that we are mixed with white.

      • Ron

        Quit regurgitating that lie that were mixed with white.

    • Hannah

      Did you say “mines” to be ironic or…

    • Dawood

      Would inform any one. we are all of us Humankind. So why or what is the Different ???

  • MoorThugRelated

    Its offensive but true. And we aren’t the only ones with these bad habits. There are more in debt then not and it spans across all races and religions. And ppl on this site gave me sh1t for being antisemitic. Now you get where I’m coming from?

    • Ice

      The cure to racism isn’t being antisemitic.

    • NoWhiteInMyCup

      CoSign, what he saying is true, but like @Moor said other races do it also, we are not the only race.

      The more and more we say blacks dont stick together is more fuel for us to stay seperated.

      The willy lynch shiit might have been fake but the message was real.

      JAYZ said it best, stop hating , stop saying black dont help each other and just do it.

      “Devil want these niggas hate they own kind
      Gotta be illuminati if a nigga shine
      Oh we can’t be a nigga if a nigga rich?
      Oh we gotta be the devil that’s some nigga shit

      • OneSlugManagement


        “Devil want these niggas hate they own kind
        Gotta be illuminati if a nigga shine
        Oh we can’t be a nigga if a nigga rich?
        Oh we gotta be the devil that’s some nigga shit

        It’s Ironic that you sat there agreeing with @moor when this is the exact sh!t he does on this site on a daily basis.

        Let’s not forget “He got money? He tryna build some success? He is a “COON”

      • Quez

        I agree with you on that illuminati point but I disagree with you about every race doing it.. I live in Miami where you don’t even need to speak English to survive I go in Spanish areas were no one speaks English and most customers and all employees are Spanish. I’m a black business owner in a black neighborhood were most my customers are black but most the paying ones come from outside the neighborhood cause all my Ppl’s want from me is a hook up like I don’t have bills to pay, but these same brothers will never try that in a white neighborhood it’s said to say but it’s true, we too busy try a get out the “hood” and move to a “nice” neighborhood that all we have is “hoods” if we all leave whose gonna take care our own??

      • Insolent Kevorkian

        Simpleton…Why would you quote Jay Z, who claims that his ere presence at an event is ‘charitable & a privilege’ for the less fortunate? Jay Z, who had the gall to attempt to diss Mr. Harry Belafonte? Who has dulled you morons into being comfortable referring to yourselves as ‘niggas’ in public? Your mental sloth is why your kind is so easily culled, consumed and ultimately eliminated.

  • BzB

    but kanye has $100 tshirts for sale and jayz is selling hats for $250. guess i’ll just have to wait on my tax refund so i can ball outta control. /sarcasm

    • Jamez

      Kanye said in a recent interview that he didn’t put the price on those shirts tho. anyway I especially think about this when black women spend HUNDREDS on hair and that shit goes directly in someone else pocket. start there and I bet we can get back on our feet

      • BzB

        you think kanye had no influence on the price point of that gear? do you still believe in the tooth fairy too?

        • BnBHP

          +!…. lol

        • Quez

          He didn’t.. Why? Because he’s not the owner… If you keep believing these rappers are as rich as they put on you might as well believe in the tooth fairy

      • LOL

        As always, clowns waste no time excusing the ridiculous business practices of brothers (Kanye didnt know about the price points? LMFAO, GOOD ONE!..) but ready to dump all over black women’s spending habits, and yet, in order to give *themselves* excuses to continue their own questionable spending habits.

        Here’s a HUGE chunk of the mentality behind WHY our people arent profiting from anything. Take responsibility for YOURSELF, or dont. Simple as that!

  • BnBHP

    I think Dame was taking shots at Kanye on this video…. lol..

  • E-Dub

    We spend the most money of any race and own the lease of any race. We don’t own businesses in our own neighborhoods. Try to take a black business in china town (for example) and no one in that neighborhood with shop there. First and foremost we have to be better on how we treat each other and ban together.. Power in numbers and in unity.

    • E.T.

      Truth !!!!

    • Brian

      Power in numbers! enough said!

  • Sexyslim

    This article is not racist. It is meant to be an eye opener. But first your mind has to be open to understand the message. Yes there are races other then blacks who are in debt but those same races are businesses and majority have college degrees. When black owned businesses open very few blacks even support them because there is another store that is franchised that sells things cheaper because they have the ability to buy in bulk. Inturn you are giving you money away. Hopefully one day our black community will began to suppor their own. Its the only way we will be looked at as human an not as “liquid money. “

    • suzieq9604

      I worked in community service for quiet a while…. Had a black coworker… he and I discussed this allot…. And it was/is or opinion that Black’s have a crab trap mentality…. when one gets up a little…. There are 10 more to pull him down…..

  • Asia

    Yes indeed I sale jewelry and have been advertising to my “conscious” friends on Facebook during the Christmas holiday almost everyday and I have made 0 sales, one brother donated and a random White lady brought some Earrings. In the future I will be seeking out more White people to friend on Facebook. Our people talk allot but are willing to invest very little in each other. Then if I make it I am expected to give back. Lol

    • Antonio Wright

      Not sure if serious. The first thing to creating a strong community it not buying jewelry.

  • eboEYE

    Can’t be no more liquid than the U S taxpayers, who have been funneling hundreds of millions to billions to the State of Israel for years

  • Luvbug1

    This is so true and our financial assets are not the only thing seeping through black people hands.

  • GAIL


    • Celeste

      How come when some other ethnic group puts out some propaganda, we immediately embrace it as the truth? Who is this person that we are so trusting in what he has to say? How come it is so important for the white je-wish, hispanic, asian, or any other population to compare themselves to us? I will tell you the reason, because it is important for them to continue to use any topic to promote Black Inferiority and White Superiority. Whenever they have the opportunity to pull some arbitrary negative, sub-standard, inferior, comment, statistic or stereotype, out of their asses, about the Black Population they do it. This is an opinion steeped in stereotype. I want to see numbers bring me the proof of us being liquid money. Use your critical thinking skills and understand the reason we are on their radar. They perpetrate their lies where they know Black people will be exposed to them. So far this week I have seen our men compared to others in terms of the roles they take as Fathers, this (long suffering sigh) piece of crap for an article, multiple criticisms of Beyonce who was not “liquid money” still nothing nice to say, pure hatred and poor Kanye has been hated since he told the TRUTH. Leave us alone, keep us out of your studies which only report doom and gloom for our population. Keep the BLACK population out of your mouths. We do not need your studies to recognize how great we truly are. We know we are great because of the extreme measures you go through to tear us down. Who is this jewish man to label us anything and who is this author who is so willing to be his liquid propaganda, promoting his brainwash? If in fact we do spend money with him (this awe inspiring invisible jewish guy we of whom we must value his opinion) he is the most ungrateful sob to ever walk the earth. I wouldn’t spend 0.000001 in his establishment for a bottle of water. even if i was dying of thirst.

      • Scott

        Celeste, I assure you the “ethnic group” of Jews puts out no propaganda about Black people. This is just one idiot who said something. You making generalizations about Jews is no better than people making generalizations about Black people.

        • Celeste

          I was not making a generalization about anyone. If in fact this “WE call you liquid money” comment was made to Dash, I contend it is propaganda, whether the speaker or Dash was aware of it or not. I have heard that Jews are stingy, is it true and should I believe every Jewish person is stingy? I know its not true no truer than Black people being “liquid. To be frank what Jewish people do or say is not my concern. I am concerned with challenging the myth of black inferiority, wherever it opens its ugly mouth on my people; this is one of those cases.

          • alicia

            Thank you! The negative responses and co signing of this so called “Jewish” businessman says it all. Every time someone posts something negative about black people all the black folks just jump on it and co sign all across the net further spreading the bullshit. We do do that yeah they so right about US! How the hell anybody know what we all do and how the hell some of you know so much about what they don’t do. Not all “Jews” have money and are thrifty and who gives a damn. Realize that Black men are a threat for a reason and keeping you clueless and using your slave mentality to keep you separated from your women and use you to spread their propaganda that they are purposely putting out about you while simultaneously shredding your job and loan applications…wake hell up! I don’t squander my money and all my friends have decent jobs and home. So this All shit is bull and whites and plenty others live outside their means. Plenty of them they have more bankruptcies than any damn body. How you always letting somebody else tell you about YOU! Just figure out who this “Jewish” man is and make sure that we advocate not being liquid gold for him…I support my community by shopping in my community whether it is black owned white owned big chain. People in the neighborhood work at these places it keeps the stores opened and people get to keep their jobs. I will buy what I like! Just like they do…nobody says ish when they camp out all night long for ipads iphones concert tickets (and yeah they will skip a bill to do it) or what the hell ever they like or want. Cant nobody ensure a damn thing about the “ethnic”Jewish group they just as threatened because I assure you they know that tgey are not the true Jewish people.

      • Antonio Wright

        “Black” people have been saying this for years. Now all of a sudden you get all butt hurt, because a Jew says it?

      • Brian

        Celeste, I doubt that as a group Jews would deny this statement, but what I do believe is someone *African American wanted to address this issue by using this as anecdotal evidence. We have as a group the power to reverse our fortunes but do to our tendency to not use the principle of group economics is the one thing that will transform our community.

      • 3c3co3c

        Sadly, you vastly overestimate black people’s importance to the have’s of the world. VASTLY. There are no committees sitting around plotting the demise of the black man. Don’t have to.

      • Regina

        “Currently, a dollar circulates in Asian communities for a month, in Jewish communities approximately 20 days and white communities 17 days. How long does a dollar circulate in the black community? 6 hours!!!”

      • JAX


      • morris

        Well can we stop killing each other first!

  • Keepin100

    But they still DONT KNOW HOW TO TIP!! . . . Here come the excuses

    • Scott

      Hate much? I’m sure you like it when people say the same thing about Black people right?

  • Nubian

    The Nazis should have wiped the nasty Jews all the way out. Extinction level massacre.

    • Raquela

      I’m certain that a logical reply here is not going to change your racist mind but if you really feel this way about the Jews, then I suggest you have a look at this article. I cannot say it any more succinctly then what you will read here and I suggest that you do because everything that Israel and the Jewish people do is for the benefit of humanity. If you don’t believe me, then think about these four words: Jonas Salk’s Polio Vaccine

      • http://FaceBook Pat

        Israel has made huge contributions to the world (Einstein). However, they need to be hauled into the Hague for the war crimes and crimes against humanity that everyone else faces when caught. They don’t get a free pass. If they are guilty then punish the ones responsible, the ones who gave the orders. That doesn’t mean boycott the entire nation. Britain shouldn’t get away either since they had no business over there giving the land the Palestinians had away to the Zionists. Israel was never supposed to occupy the amount of land that they currently occupy. They really did encroach on the Palestinians land. But why would Europeans consider that criminal when they themselves did the same thing to indigenous peoples in the U.S. and elsewhere, including mineral wealth.

        • Janet

          Hmmmm…I believe your information is incorrect. That land was given to them by God, so there is no man on this planet that can say the land that the Nation of Israel lives on, doesn’t belong to them. It goes much deeper than that. Is this your opinion or is this fact?

    • specom

      Fool, you were next.

      • 3c3co3c

        None so blind….

  • Jessica

    Just like black consumers should support black businesses, black business owners should also support their consumers by practicing professionalism. I’m not implying that all black business owners are unprofessional but we are stereotyped that way. For example, BP TIME. How can you do business with someone that’s always late? Also, “hooking people up”, how can a company truly generate a profit if they are always giving our massive discounts and consumers are always looking for a way to pay little to nothing? What about the idea that all black women have an attitude and that some people are only hired based off of their connections but don’t meet the general requirements of the job? These are things that I hear black people say about each other. It goes both ways. We not only need to support our businesses, but business owners should continue to strive to break those stereotypes.

  • R.G. studio’s (@RG_internet_Art)

    if you can not save any for yourself then how in hell are you going to stop giving it away?…my black people stop trying so hard to follow the other races who have shown you their problems and you and your children have only inherited there problems trying to become them and you only don’t know you are them with there problems…Take the New road, Become the New person, do things different from all other races, teach your children different, stop eye gazing for the world candy! and become a real human being and not the trash that many other races have already become and they are handing there trash to YOU!

  • DrWill911

    Why do we have to keep learning the same lesson over and over? I have been teaching about this for OVER 20 years. I even wrote a book about it “Money DOES Grow on Trees” so that Black people can understand how wealth is created and maintained. The one thing Black MEN don’t understand that Jewish men do is that the Black WOMAN is the key to wealth. Why do you think they make soooo many commercials and movies now depicting white men with Black women? They understand the Black woman’s power while we foolishly use, abuse, discard and dismiss her. Black men will always lose our wealth as long as we continue to misuse our women. Those who don’t know about it should read about it. But that is one of the main problems: WE REFUSE TO READ! If we understood what money REALLY is (money is NOT what we’ve been told it is) then we would be able to get it and keep it.

  • Black-Girl

    Soon as black businesses are AVAILABLE and RAN PROPERLY … I’ll support them. Until then I cant afford to be wasting gas & time going to a business w unreliable hours, for URBAN WEAR, same old boring soul food, and an unhealthy insufficient mundane lack of variety of products.

  • http://none Wiseone

    I am so glad I do not live in the US…………………..America is not a country…………………it is a corporation that was founded on rebellion, bloodshed and genocide as well as slavery……………… touts freedom as its greatest achievement, but its very continuity depends on slavery of people financially……………….better to stay where I live and work with what I’ve got…………………..why be a slave in another land when you can become a king in your own???

  • alex_MAK

    Wikipedia defines prejudice as “to refer to preconceived, usually unfavorable, judgments toward people or a person because of gender, social class, age, disability, religion, sexuality, race/ethnicity, language, nationality or other personal characteristics.” According to this, the article above is prejudiced against both black people and Jews.

  • JazzyJerome

    He told the truth. Blacks need to learn the system that the live in. Stop making people who don’t like you rich!

  • Marcus

    This is a great article. I believe we all have freedom of opinion. However this Jewish gentleman is going more off stereotypes than facts. I guess he also believes all black people wear platinum chains, ride on crome rims, have multiple baby mamas, and pawn all their property too. That’s ridiculous. There is actually reports that say black people gave away 25% more to their community than whites. Due to the fact we come from poverty and feel a responsibility to give back toward there community. So before you listen to folks spewing false facts people. Know yourself. Better yet know your facts. “It’s all love”

  • jenny

    if other races tell us we spend wrong and how financial reports and statistics show how we support every other ethnics commerce, when do we listen…why we get defensive when we lead the highest in unemployment, ownership of properties and businesses! We are the most forgiving and treated by far the worst….we dont even have skills to train our youth like the way other groups do…but we get offended anytime we faced w the truth

  • Self vs Self

    Does he like robberies?

  • Raquela

    Why is nobody here talking about education? That’s what it’s all about! What you’ve got in your noggin is the only thing nobody can take away from you.

    Your land, your country, your home, your animals, your liquid wealth, it’s all gone in a heartbeat, but not what you learn and share and take with you wherever you go.

    And if you give me crappy service, of course I’m not going to tip you!

  • Scott

    It’s amazing to see comments about black stereotypes when there are several comments here making stereotypes about Jews. I’m a “Jewish businessman” and know many many other Jewish business people, and I’ve never heard ONE person say anything like this. Some ass who happens to be Jewish says it and then you say on here that it’s something Jewish people say. It’s irresponsible. Maybe you had a good point to make about spending habits but you lost so much possible constructiveness by putting it that way. To respond to posts – the Jewish “ethnic group” or “race” (it’s actually a culture), does not say this stuff about you. There are dumb ass Jews who say stupid things as there are in any group of people. You can’t expect for the world to stop the hate when you cause similar hate.

  • Eric

    So… what are the chances this Jewish guy is real and not just a made-up quote?

    50/50? No identifying info on him or his business makes it suspect? Even if he is real, why mention his religion/ethnicity and not what he actually does to make such statements? Stop trying to enhance divide between blacks and jews in this country!

    • Hahz

      Who makes a statement like this and volunteers their contact information as a reference to their quotes?

  • Momka

    I understand the comment and because I worked in the Jewish community for years I can attest that this is a part if their thought process. A Rabbi told me when I questioned why we had to do things they say God forbids them to do that if our ppl learned to read Hebrew we would know how great we really are. They know but will not impart that information because maybe, just maybe we will finally live up to our potential. The post above that mentions how black men fail in realizing and supporting their greatest assets: black women are so true. When black men get rich that dump their wife and marry everything else, then wonder as another post put it why we go to get out hair done so much. Duh to appeal to black men who trade us in for long straight hair. And often fake boobs. On another note I support black as often as I can but we are held to different standards all day long. The law prohibits minor children in restaurants but Asians have their kids w/ them all the time in their spots no ramifications. Therefore they don’t have to pay for daycare, as long as the organization says ” Jewish” they only have to hire Jews. Unless it’s for low wages. Arab stores are sold to Arabs in the family so they can maintain their tax free status. In Cleveland they don’t pay taxes for 10 yrs then secretly sell it to a cousin. Can a black business get 10 yrs tax free no. So understand there are things built into the system to make us fail even when we get an education and do the right thing. Real wealth begins with banks which we no longer own because they didn’t want us to. The Black Panthers did just that and the local government raided and destroyed them and arrested everyone who didn’t flee. We have work to do yes but don’t believe that it’s just because we don’t support each other. They don’t support us!

    • More Excuses you spend more time writing all that out about how you can’t achieve… Use that energy an just do some shit.

  • Tony Johnson

    The issue about blacks going to businesses owned by other ethnicities to cash checks and buy groceries has been true for decades. It’s both an attack and a criticism. Unfortunately as a black man , I find it to be mostly true. We do need to own our own businesses and invest in our own communities. We don’t do enough of that now. It’s the same reason Oprah decided to build schools in Africa. African Americans need to apply ourselves more in business and strive to be more self sufficient. We don’t do enough to help ourselves , so I will agree with the Jewish comment

  • 3c3co3c

    The most laughable race on earth. You lament, murmur, moan, complain, and blame and never do one single solitary thing to make yourselves anything but distasteful to anyone with a modicum of morality. You honor the dishonorable; you are covetous, impatient, small-minded, unpleasant, ill-mannered, uneducated, defensive, offensive, dishonest, amoral, irresponsible, aggressive, petulant children who take no responsibility for your own lives. You are an ugly, small people. This will never change until YOU change and stop demanding that everyone else respect you. Respect you? Why exactly? What’s so respectable? I didn’t always feel this way. But I’ve lived among you for too long to feel anything but disgust at you.

    • observer

      you must live in the hood…

    • specom

      Funny, that’s the way most of the world feels about Americans in general.

      • 3c3co3c

        Indeed. I asked a foreign born visitor how he liked this country. He glanced at me uneasily. I told him, It’s okay. I don’t like it here either. What bothered him about this place? He said the freedom is great, but all Americans are concerned with is sex and money. No importance is placed on anything unless it gets you paid or gets you laid. Sad but true.

  • A Black man

    Based on some of these comments, It solidifies my truth that black people, mainly the american, ones are idiots to the highest degree. This is why I keep myself and my family as far away from you degenerates as possible, hoping that one day you will come to your senses. I still believe its wishful thinking.

  • KP

    Wow….@ 2:09 he lost me…..big time businessman huh?! The word is ADVERSITY, not “diversity”…..smh…..then again, to be fair, his genius was SURROUNDING HIMSELF with geniuses. It worked….so I can’t hate.

  • Mr International

    Lets stop proving these jewish businessmen right! We already have the proper program to pool our resources and buy land and build. All we have to do is participate and spread the word!

    16 million black people in the US at 5¢ per day = $291million in 1year!! We have the spending power; we just have to properly channel it.

  • Stacie

    This is so sad are poor children….. Grown ups in 2013

  • Kenneth D Price

    The Jewish perspective is laced with myopic thinking. First, if this is an opportunity, Jews might ask the real question, “How did it come about?” I would direct these individuals to read “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews” as a start — which documents Jewish profiting from the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade; much of the information is from Jewish sources! We can then look at the infrastructure development our tax dollars have provided Jews; not the least of which being a make-believe Zionist territory we “call” Israel. We can look at multiple levels/dimensions of domestic policy and international affairs – including the participation in destabilizing key African nations. My problem with this article is not what Jews call us, but Jews acting pious in their observation, as if these imbalances have no design. Had this nation been doing to Jews what it did to blacks and to blacks what it did for Jews, does anyone really believe the Jews would have been giving away their money and blacks taking it? The fact is, the Jews participated in injustices to blacks. But I am a Christian and believe He will get the final victory.

  • Johnny

    alot of talking, but no action or resolution is our main problem

    • Hahz


  • IJS

    The comments here show that we are far from having an understanding as a people . Why are you folks arguing about Jordan’s and skin color and a bunch of other non related bs??? Gives the article more merit! Smh read it again and comprehend!

  • Rowen Bedeau

    Bullsh1t. There are many hard working black people out there that have made money more than other races. They don’t sell inferior products or have unreasonable mark-up like others seem to do just to get wealthy. I would not allow some other person from another race or creed or whatever to pull down mines just to establish some false sense of superiority. I now understand why Hitler did what he did, look back at history and now they want to cast aspersions. They are still not respected even to this day. It is that same mentality that they have, that all they are concerned with is material earthly things, true vanity as they worship money and not even Jesus Christ.

  • M

    This is obviously a fake story. No “Jewish businessman” said that. Either the friend, or the author, made that up to illustrate their point. I’m Jewish myself and no Jewish people talk like that. We aren’t thinking about black people’s finances like that. That’s something you hear black people saying all the time. Maybe the type of thing black people who don’t know much about Jews, imagine we say in private.

    Who do you think is likely to make a statement about blacks cashing checks with Indians? A Jewish man or a black person. How would a “Jewish businessman” know anything about where black people cash their checks or get their hair done?

    And of course the readers only care about the racial tension aspect of it, and respond with antisemitic comments, and little about the point the author is trying to illustrate. Which is why you can’t teach people things through racist allegories. You could make your same point without dragging Jews into it all the time. Anitsemitism among blacks is out of control.

    • http://yahoo l

      Your great granddaddy defo knows whats up, you are jew-ish (ish meaning not the real thing) for a reason you stole Original moors religion and coming like your from the promise land floating around with your black hats, cloaks and pigtails.

      Jews own hollywood because black sells, everyone wants to be us but we get pimped out because our people haven’t awoken to their real knowledge yet but the time is coming we are awakening and we will be back where we belong.

  • Michael Rosenberg

    My Jewish Grandfather taught me that it does not matter how much money you make…it only matters how much you save. That always stuck with me. Regardless of the color of your skin… you are either smart with your money and save it, buy assets that can grow in value and work hard to become financially stable and secure OR you live for today only and blow your money as quick as it comes in. Life is about the choices we make and the consequences. I am lucky that this was instilled by my family. If you were not raised this way stop your whining and get to work on your finances to make your future brighter!

  • crabapples

    This post has made ANS mainstream. Seeing links to this page pop up all over twitter and FB. Are the hits out of control, Hahz?

    • Hahz

      Ya had the internet going nuts..

  • Paul

    Wow! Stop it with the hypersensitivity already! Opinions are like @$$hole$, everyone has one. “Black People”, stop getting bent out of shape about everything that somebody says and this guy is obviously trying to create a “stir”. It is a shame that so many black people believe all the stereotypes about black people more so than anyone else. When will you realize that you have to play this game of life like chess. Formulate your strategy and DO the things that are necessary to take down the king (fulfilling goals). There will be many moves across the board to distract you, but you must remain focused and keep moving FORWARD!!!!

  • bob steele

    *Part of the New Paradigm Construct is to help all of us understand the importance of finding ways to keep money in our own communities.”

    Breaking news Its not new! in 1934 w.e.b dubois was quoted saying black folk in america spend close to a billion dollars a year and what are they getting out of it, fast forward 84 years later and black folk in america spend 1 hundrend point 3 trillion yearly on consumer goods.

    The reality is black folk ween themselfs on the individual fantasy to nowhere, america works by group wealth not individual wealth until black folk learn that and not continue to fall for cliche terms to nowhere like post racial and diversity, we will never get it because no other group is using those cliche terms to nowhere, but us and us is still disorganized as a group/community.

  • Biz guy

    I agree, support the black own businesses. However, I’m in the payroll business and a lot of our brothers and sisters I’ve talked to, create short cuts in their business plan to increase their short term profits. At the end, the lack of education or willingness to see a bigger picture is the demise of their plan…it’s full circle, let’s be smart with our businesses, build trust in our community, and sustain a long term vision/commitment. The ppl will come. Black, white, Jewish, All races.

  • Alf

    I agree with the article and some comments to a certain degree but here in lies the problem. Dick Gregory said it best in my humble opinion and I’m paraphrasing… We as black people don’t live in communities. A true community is when the people have control over what goes on in that community. Meaning, businesses coming in, owning businesses, supporting them, being respected by said law in that comunity and education. IMHO there are no main reasons why this is. We (at least a lot of us) love to consume. We are very materialistic. We love the newest shi*t. Whether it’s vehicles, clothing footwear. To be honest, there’s nothing wrong that except, just like what the article said, we give our money to other races. We have to ask ourselves why our race don’t own businesses we can support and why when we do have businesses they jus don’t last and are not respected. Just keep in mind I can only speak from my experiences. I don’t want to come off as genralizing my whole race. I’ve lived in NYC all my life. The BX and the BK. The hoods I’ve lived in were and are decent but just like the article has hinted at, there are very few Black owned businesses.

  • http://abovethelaw The Prophet

    Actually we did own businesses. Gold mines and oil mines.. The Europeans took it from Africa. Than slavery trans Atlantic. Hitler ppaced Jews in ghettos to control of them. Blacks live in ghettos. Whites forefathers were never slaves they have always owned US since. We can never catch up with whites. Its hard to explain I’d rsther write a book intrigue people and profit . Capitalism

  • Edward

    So, this article starts out with a friend of a friend quoting a Jewish guy making an ethnic slur, goes on to spew out a bunch of ethnic stereotypes, and comes to the conclusion that you should only do business with people of your own race. Imagine the reaction if a white guy said the same things. You only have to change a few words and this could be something the Grand Wizard of the KKK might say. It’s always interesting when people do the same things as those who have oppressed them, and don’t even realize it.

  • btk358

    O man, I read all of the comments, and the racism behind them, is as old as time itself.

    So, I’m going to contribute some ‘fresh material’; for the haters to feast on and hopefully, come up with some ‘new hate’ to keep it interesting for me to keep reading, :).

    In the mid 1980’s there was a terrible famine going on in Ethiopia. For years, people were aware of a small part of the Ethiopian population that considered themselves to be Jews; called the Falasha’s. Perhaps they were the remnants of one of the ‘lost tribes of Israel’.

    This stimulated the ‘sticking together gene’, of the Jews; to consider that it might be time to bring this ‘lost tribe’ home to Israel.

    However, the diaspora of the Jews, throughout the world, changed the way most of these ‘wandering Jews’ looked. The most obvious change was a considerable bleaching of their skin coloration; from what the Bible describes as the ‘dusky ones’; into the Caucasian, white Jews that live in Europe and North America.

    This led to the biased thinking that, the Ethiopian Jews probably weren’t Jewish, since their skin coloration was black [sort of ‘dusky’].

    Before, reading the posted comments here, I always wondered how the Israeli’s, who were sent to bring ‘the Falasha’s’ home, knew which of the Ethiopians were Jewish, since it’s common knowledge that all ‘blacks look alike’.

    Thanks to this blog, I realize that, all they had to do, was determine which of the Ethiopians owned the businesses and considered the other Ethiopians, who weren’t Jewish; ‘liquid money’.

    Stupid me…I always thought that the Jewish Ethiopians were identified by how they were isolated by the rest of the black population, to live in ‘ghettos’ and that the way they lived, was based on the exact same commandments [from the ‘Torah’], used by all the multi-colored Jews; living throughout the rest of the world.

    Don’t you just hate the way them Jews ‘stick together’ simply because they follow the same commandments; from the same book [the Torah] as all the other Jews?

    Of course, this is even more proof of Jews being racists because they only rescued the Ethiopians who were Jewish; while leaving behind the other Ethiopians because [hmmm, I have to make this part up…if I really want to piss people off] they were ‘blacker’ and had given all their money to the Jewish Ethiopians.

    Now I’m just going to sit back and watch to see how many years it will take for the ‘true story’ of the ‘Rescue of the Falasha’s’, to become a story only about the racist parts [that I made up with my imagination; all by myself], to be considered as the true historical version; based on the ‘facts’.

    Hmmm, maybe posting this material isn’t such a good idea? Wtf, it’s always going to be something, that the ‘haters’ will use, to feed their hate… so I hope you liked it, :)

  • AdaNma

    In the U.S. of A, every human being is entitled to freedom of speech, including the person who has shared this story/blog. My initial thoughts on a ‘Jewish businessman calling black people ”liquid money”: Because we give it all away’ is one of impassiveness as opposed to feeling offended.
    I am a black American Nigerian woman who has often wondered how black people can become empowered as a community. We need to start with ourselves and then spread outwards within our circles of family and friends before reaching our communities. Spread what you ask? Knowledge! We need to share our lessons, experiences with our people.
    My experiences as an enlightened and educated black woman can be briefly summarized in a few words: there is a lack of self-love, confidence and pride in our communities. The younger generation in particular, are far too preoccupied with materialism and celebrities. Every so often, I read about another black figure in the spotlight that mismanaged his or her money and is now bankrupt. The truth is many NOT ALL black communities simply do not understand money.
    Do we promote and glamorize education in our communities? Is it cool to acquire an MBA in the eyes of an average black young man and woman? Do we teach our young about money, finance and mortgages? Do we share information with one another? Do we strive to own our own businesses? Do we create as opposed to copy or spend ideas, materials, etc?
    So before we become offended by such comments, let’s take a look in the mirror and start with ourselves.

  • MeMyselfandI

    I agree with Bro. DeWitty…. Said differently, perhaps the explanation is the difference between capitalism and socialism. While the point of how African Americans consume is valid, it is with great caution that I give license to Jewish and or White people to blame the victim. When Black people are excluded historically from the supply side of the equation, when the banking system formally organized redlining in the 1930s to make entrepreneurs and businesses ineligible for loans, when White employers continue to pay male workers 72% of what their White counterparts earn, when MWDBE programs are no longer necessary, or no longer incentive based programs, but rather are a fair and equitable part of the value chain THEN, maybe White/Jewish people can start talking about the problem with Black people and their discretionary spending…

  • Truth

    Important lesson to be learned from this article. Jews are well known for “buying Jewish”. It’s why they are sometimes called “bloodsuckers” because they take from others but don’t give back.

  • The D Loose

    What no comments! And we wonder why! Thank you I really appreciate this article, its the truth, and Dash, Dash, Dash! A “G” about it!

    • Sugarjeanss

      Nah I totally agree with everythinh being said! I work for a Jew and day in and day out Rabbis are collecting money for charity, and no matter how many times different Rabis come in, they NEVER EVER deny them. I respect that to the fullest!