Jennifer Williams & Maxwell Up In The Club

· July 18, 2012

‘Basketball Wives’ star Jennifer Williams and Maxwell were up in the club together enjoying good times this past weekend. Jennifer is down with #TeamFitness according to her tweet yesterday.

“Just had a great workout at the gym.. Hope everyone is having a great day!”

  • queso BP.1

    That chick is WACK

    • too_funny

      yeah….. but i would definitely knock her sexy chocolate azz down.

  • WildWild

    She need to be down with Teamlearnhownottogetyofaceslappedandnotdosh*tabouit… I’d coconut dem tata’s tho

    • queso BP.1

      @wild lmao yea I can’t rock wit no soft Chick kid…u ain’t gotta act like erica mena but u gotta know how to throw some joints.

      • WildWild

        ya dig

  • 313Deuce

    a ill fuck wit her, i like tht accent she got.

  • Red BP(TC Killa)

    She may not be a fighter but I’d Dick her down if i had a chance to.

    • WildWild


  • Red BP(TC Killa)

    I see Stedman Team Choco is Pic #3

  • damnshame

    I like she classy enough not to degrade herself by actin ghetto ignorant in front of cameras. She aint bout that life and she DONT have to be bout that nig*a ish. on another note..Maxwell is sexy as f*ck.

  • desolation

    pass on this chick