Jennifer Lopez arrives for American Idol taping in hot pink jeans

· March 13, 2014

Jennifer Lopez proved that she still turns heads during her arrival for American Idol taping in hot pink jeans and a matching top.

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  1. Proud Blk Nerd! says:

    Jennifer Lopez (along with Halle Berry & Taylor Swift) can’t keep a man. That’s not a “problem with men.” That’s a problem with THEM!

  2. GuTz says:

    Get this chick the FOH! Washed up a$$!

  3. Greg4422 says:

    Not feeling this chick either…I saw her on the show last night and she walked like a fat girl…nothing sexy about her

  4. crabapples says:

    looks smashable to me.

  5. Bengals says:

    bi*ch aint age a day goddamn

  6. Teegirl says:

    Anybody say Jlo still ain’t bad…

    I got the number to my eye doctor cause you need your sh*t checked.


  7. MGC Red(#Winny2014) says:

    She survived the Spanish body after birth or aged past 35 curse.

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