Former coach and current NBA an**yst Jeff Van Gundy weighed in on the ongoing struggles of Los Angeles Lakers and All Star center Dwight Howard and held back no punches. In a recent interview with Colin Cowhewrd here is what Van Gundy had to say,

 “When you lose games and you’re going around after the game with a stat sheet in your hand and you’re saying, ‘Look at the stat sheet’ to reporters and to your teammates — you know what it is?  It’s passive-aggressive, immature stuff,” 

 “It’s sad.  This guy has so much to offer that is good for the game, to the game and to the Lakers.  They’re paying him huge money and they gave up a lot to get him.” “He has rudimentary offensive skills”,”he’s not a good ball handler.  He doesn’t have a really well-defensive low-post game – a poor free-throw shooter.  But he can have a huge impact on the game defensively – rebounding, screening, rolling, the occasional post move because he’s so athletic – but he doesn’t want to do it that way.”

Since then Howard has come out and apologized for comments of being immature and his intent on playing more aggressive and turning things around for his team and taking them on a run in hopes at a chance of making the playoffs.

“I’ve just got to go out there and dominate defensively and make it tough for teams,” said Howard.  “I just have to get back to doing that and not worry about the offense.” 

It comes as no surprise that he has not been playing at the level many have seen him play over the years, but many attributed that to him still in a “recovery” mode from back surgery in the offseason but will be interesting to see if he can indeed turn things around as he stated earlier today, “Our season begins today” and gets the Lakeshow back over the .500 mark because right now its all bad in Lakernation.

  • RasheedLateef

    the NBA is moving forward,not backwards..Howard is one of the best centers in the league but he’s peaked imo and the lakers got the jazz,thunder,hornets,and the suns next on their schedule. they should win those four games.


      they just lost to the raptors the other day. no win is guaranteed when you play no defense like they do.

  • jamar

    my condolences to the Lakers fans.

  • Greg4422

    I’m telling you people the problem is Kobe Byrant

  • BzB

    lakeshow is kobe’s team and there’s no room for another big ego.  dwight will be gone next year.  might not even make through this season.  him and kobe just don’t mesh and they don’t like each other.  and dantoni is not phil jackson.  he can’t make them work together like phil made kobe and shaq work together.

  • monstadon

    Has NOTHING to do with Kobe. Dwight Howard was a pussy before he ever set foot in LA. Everything that Jeff Van Gundy said is true…he’s not saying anything that hasn’t been, and isn’t easily observed about Dwight Howard. I really don;t understand how a big man can have no post moves…be useless more than 5 feet from tha basket…no heart…cry like a baby…useless at the foul line…like…they went after Chris Paul instead of Howard last summer for a REASON.