In this short docu*entary, JAY Z’s Life+Times takes an unprecedented behind the scenes look at the creation of JAY Z’s Barclays Center opening concerts.

  • god

    Why does people think evil has something to do with success ? Can anyone just make it off of hard work ?……. The people that started Walgreens are they evil ? Is the people that own Bentley are they evil ? …… keep doing what you do because people will always say something…

  • god

    my barber really believe hip hop stars are in the illuminati… but he wont say nothing about the company that he brought his clippers from im sure their sitting on millions…

  • Mister Mister

    I agree with you, god. It’s just a crab in a barrel mentality that unfortunately our culture suffers from too much. I doubt they’re calling all those African millionaires & billionaires like Ladi Delano, Aliko Dangote, etc members of some secret cult. Hell, they probably don’t even know who them dudes are.