Jay-Z has reportedly vowed never to use the word b***h in his songs again in honor of his new-born daughter Blue Ivy Carter but that doesn’t mean he can’t curse out a ref.

Joe Johnson came through twice with big shots and helped the Brooklyn Nets end a long losing streak to the Milwaukee Bucks.

Johnson hit a tying 3-pointer in the closing seconds of the fourth quarter and then his buzzer-beating jumper at the end of overtime lifted the Nets to a 113-111 victory over the Milwaukee Bucks on Tuesday night.

”It’s an unbelievable feeling,” said Johnson, who finished with 24 points. ”Regardless of the situation, whether it’s regular season or playoffs, it’s always a great feeling. And, just to see everybody kind of explode with excitement is probably the best feeling.”

Brook Lopez and Deron Williams added 19 points each as the Nets snapped a 13-game skid against the Bucks dating back to March 30, 2009.

  • ReefMoney

    I think that JayZ vowing never to use the word b1tch means that his mother, his wife, his sister, his aunt and every other woman in his life up until his daughter came about never meant enough for him not to say that word.

    Jay, very extensively in fact, stated that the word bitch was not in a reference to women he revered or respected, but just a rap word used to describe a rap event/life in the song or bar he was spitting and in the rap world…there are a lot of b1tches. he said this before making 99 problems. And speaking of 99 problems jay z also stated he wasn’t referring to women, and gave a 2nd song “b1tches/sisters” to ever FURTHER clarify the difference

    so now what does Hov do? he invalidates all his past arguments…because if he DOESNT say B1TCH out of respect for his daughter…what about respect for his mother? respect for his wife? sisters etc? that means the word b1tch DOES affect ALL women in his songs or other wise he would not have a problem still using the word in his rap songs

    Imagine a violent movie action star or director stating that they’re no longer making action movies after having a son…or worst yet, a son involved in a shooting. That makes it seems so disingenious that they would make those movies in the first place when 1000’s of people are hurt every day…but the reason they do it is because they understand….like we do..its just a form of art. violent art…yes. but art none the less and by Jay trying to say that his music is no longer art but impactful especially on women means that he has been disrespecting his female listeners this entire time….starting with his immediate family.

    • presto 2.5

      see how we make shyt hard? ^^

      i understand the…”Why Now?” part (not using B1tch)…but having a daughter cant be compared for TRUE fathers…it seems that a mother,wife,sister would relate but it doesnt…and whatever event may trigger and motivate your God Like Enlightenment…lets not discourage…

      and your last paragraph threw me off…yes he shoulda been had this mindset…but who cares about the reasons for positive change?

      and music is “Art”…but you speak as if its not “Impactful”?..this nicca has influence over millions…including other rappers…rappers our kids emulate…**Brakes**

      “To see Hov still search’n within himself gives prest hope…shows me that God still lives within…and it is not only I…the avrg joe…that battles SubConsciously and Spiritually…” – i giv Thanks

      • jigwig21

        Shout out to both of yall. Good to see bros like myself that have a lil “street” in em (and love for da ladies) but can articulate deep thought…Salute….

        As a dad I will admit that having a daughter will change your whole mindset on females and how precious they are. Yes I had a mother, sister, grandmothers and aunts that I charished but that didnt stop me from not only calling them “b1tches”, but treating them like “b1tches”…but seeing my princess come into this world, and maturing, changed my outlook on how to treat women. I think it was the fact that my daughter was actually mine, like a part of me, something that I created that changed the game for me. Seeing her innocence, growth and purety shows me the beauty of a woman’s core. I guess subconsciously as men we dont get to see that from our mom’s, aunts, grandmothers, etc. The power of watching my young lady bloom has definitely softened my perspective on other women and I can see how Hov can have that change of heart.