One of the many stand out moments of the 55th Annual Grammy awards was Jay-Z clowning on The Dream’s hat from Quick Trip on Buford Highway.

  • god

    if jay z would have said “Sak fifth ave ” or “Macy’s ” it would have been ok but he said ” swap meet” i guess that suppose to be a bad place to shop ? why come thats not a co-sign ? …….. NIGGAS lol

  • MoorFedayeen

    Serves his dumb azz right. I don’t even fucc wit Jay, AT ALL, but I commend him on saying something because stepping in the Grammy’s dressed like that says low class, coon and cornball all combined. N1gga this aint teh Source Awards or BET. Then n1ggas wanna wonder why other races look down on us. Its cause of fools like him. Look at all then damn chains around his neck. My respect for that n1kka went way down.

  • presto 2.5

    Funny how we be treating there shyt with respect….and say shyt like “This aint the Source or BET Awards”…degrading our own shyt…being dressed like that is whack everywhere not jus round “Them”….and grownman shyt is 24-7-365 not jus Grammy night….and for Joe Camel to call him out for the wytefolk to laff at was outta pocket…

    **Dream**….”I dressed like this cause…i didnt feel like fronting tonite for the whytefolk…i wore the same type of outfit to the BET awards for my ppl….and if the Tux is wore’n anywhere it would be there not here….Thanks for my Award…start paying me!”