Jay-Z, Diddy & Micheal Jackson Make The Top 10 Richest Musicians Of All Time List

· January 29, 2013


It’s always fun to debate about who’s making the most money. Popdust recently shared their list of the 20 richest musicians of all time and you may be surprised at their no. 1 pick.

But the overall list didn’t surprise me except for Gene Autry who came in at no. 12. Popdust’s 20 Richest Musicians of All Time list doesn’t reveal the methodology but does share some of the reasoning behind their choices.

Andrew Lloyd Webber comes in at no. 1 with a valuation of $1.2 billion. Popdust name checks big shows like “Jesus Christ Superstar” and “Cats”, mentions the good fortunes of live theater at that level of the game and Webber’s formation of Really Useful Group back in ’77 to profit from his work in as many ways as possible.

Top 10 Richest Musicians Of All Time:

1. Andrew Lloyd Webber: $1.2 billion
2. Paul McCartney: $800 million
3. Bono: $600 million
4. Bing Crosby: $550 million
5. Sean “Diddy” Combs: $550 million
6. Mariah Carey: $500 million
7. Jay-Z: $475 million
8. Dolly Parton: $450 million
9. Jimmy Buffett: $400 million
10. Michael Jackson: $350 million

Gene Autry comes in at no. 12 valued at $320 million. Apparently he showed up on the Forbes 400 list “for decades” and did quite well with covers of such classics as “Frosty the Snowman” as well as his rendition of a song he wrote, “Here Comes Santa Claus.”

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  1. tierakay says:

    Didn’t know Dolly was that rich or that POPULAR. I was expecting to see Celine Dion. I googled her net worth and several sources are saying she’s worth anywhere from $250 million to $600 million.

  2. Oscho215 says:

    Madonna is supposedly worth 650 million dollars.

  3. presto 2.5 says:

    dont no bout this list here…

  4. TYBO2020 says:


    • bambi jones says:

      You are so right. MJ would have shown the skeptical world that he was Truly the King of pop if he had embarked on the tour.

  5. Trav Dot Com says:

    How are the Beatles members higher than Michael Jackson when he owned their catalog…this list is bogus….


  6. jamar says:

    if i had this much money i wouldnt want it to be publically known.

  7. Mister Mister says:

    MJ spent a lot of his money on dumb things though, didn’t quite invest it right like Paul McCartney. Look up the business moves done by Paul, that’s why he’s way higher on the list.

    I’m surprised that Puffy & Jay are still stuck in the mid’s though. It’s like they’ve both been talking about being worth half a billion for years now & they still get more money every year.

    I’m surprised at no Master P though

  8. edo says:

    But MJ OWNED the he owned the Beatles whole catalog, that’s a HUGE investment right there $350 mil??? pshhhh…..bogus indeed

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