Jay-z & Beyonce had there feet on the wood Monday night at the $1 billion Barclays Center, enjoying the Brooklyn Nets face off against the New York Knicks for first time this NBA season. Carmelo Anthony scored 35 points for the Knicks, but Deron Williams’ 14 assists and Jerry Stackhouse’s 14 points and four 3-pointers helped the Nets prevail in overtime. Knicks took a L to the Nets 89-96.


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  • Master Chef

    The White Pig In The Background Is So Excited

  • Murder

    B still bad as s**t

    • Mister Mister


      Sidenote: Stackhouse is still balling? Wow

  • jamar

    one of the phoniest games i watched so far this year…hey MELO,you is not that good…move the ball,its a team sport.

  • Pennys

    Bey looks good!

  • trap *


  • wobeli

    Very Pretty One

  • queso (The Corp)

    Sittin there lookin mad uninterested..prob don’t even like basketball.

  • BzB

    brooklyn go hard. gonna be a good rivalry this year between knicks and nets if everyone stay healthy.

    yankees/mets, giants/jets (lol), knicks/nets. new york might just be the greatest sports city in the world.

    • jamar

      not into hockey,but dont forget about the rangers/islanders

      • BzB

        hockey is so racist it might as well not exist for me

        • Moor


  • damnshame

    Bey look cute