Kobe Bryant has admitted that his favorite rapper is Jay-Z and the two have had double dates together with their wives in the past. Sunday prior to the Lakers taking on OKC in Las Angles Bryant and Hov exchanged some words.

Jay-Z took a break from shooting the “Suit & Tie” video with Justin Timberlake out in LA to catch the Lakers home game match up.

What’s up with Westbrook?

  • I thought it was a “disrepect” thing from the headline. This ain’t nuffin LOL,

  • BzB

    russ stay on some wack sh1t. trying too hard.

    • MoorFedayeen

      Yea my homeboy didn’t agree when I sounded off on his f*ck sh1t. Russ let them vampires dress him up, now he strutting his stuff.

      • presto 2.5

        Nah…That man dressed himself this morning jus like any other grown azz man…fuk a “vampire” gottta do with it?

        Looks like some shyt you’d wear…(@Moor)…some damn Aqua pants…and a sweater wit ducktape on the front…lmao!

        From the new ANS format…back to the old…who cares?…cause…

        MGC…”Jordan in a diffrent arena…is still Jordan”

    • presto 2.5

      yeah that nicca stay on some other shyt…jus like in tha game..outta control…

      • President Ward

        He got that outfit at a thrift store.

        @BzB @Moor @Presto

        • Mr.Justinian

          yea a thrift store he went to on there USA basketball trip in Europe that shit need to stay in Europe

    • ginoBrown

      @bzb Yea fam looks like he got his Dwade swag on smh

  • bighomie53

    Aint nuttin up wit Westbrook,, that chump got money so what anybody even got to say bout him don’t matter what-so-ever!!!!! Imagine if you had that type of cash,, whether you dressed weird or not you wouldn’t give two f#cks about what a broke m#f#cka had to say bout you & you know it!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tswagger

    ? Why jay z at a laker game when he own partial nets team..sick riding at its best nas couldn’t have said it better…at a lakers game but your team literally is the nets…disrespectful to the organization

    • presto 2.5

      i thought the same…

    • Mister Mister

      Did you not read?

      “Jay-Z took a break from shooting the “Suit & Tie” video with Justin Timberlake out in LA to catch the Lakers home game match up”

      It ain’t that serious….

  • Tswagger

    *dick riding


    Kobe Bryant is my idol, Fuck Jay Z (2pac voice) & Westbrook look like a GAY ninja turtle!

  • jamar

    weirdos and freeks run this planet,and the weak minded are dying to be a part of the show.

    • MoorFedayeen

      Real rap

  • Tswagger

    No it ain’t that serious for me but it should be for the players playing for da nets watching there co owner of the team cheering the opposing team on…it’s not loyal brah…in town or not doesn’t matter