Jay-Z A Time Traveler? Rapper look-alike from Harlem, back in 1933

· May 9, 2013

Is Jay-Z a time traveler? Did he want to work on the “The Great Gatsby” because he was alive during that era?

Ok, not likely. But how else can he explain this photo?

A black-and-white snap taken in 1933 shows a man sitting on a gate in Harlem, and he bears striking resemblance to the famous rapper.

Jay-Z, 43, probably isn’t a time traveler, but the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture unearthed the photograph, calling attention to the mystery man sporting a newsboy hat and relaxed, suited demeanor. Initially pointed out by Buzzfeed, the man in the photo isn’t too far off from the suave music mogul’s style today.



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Discussion15 Comments

  1. Wise1 says:

    That’s Jay-X, Jay-Z’s grandfather.

  2. Ice says:

    It’s a hard knock life..

  3. lokey says:

    Bill and Ted 3: an adventure with Jay-Z

  4. Ace says:

    No, he has Marty McFly syndrome and all of his male ancestors look like him.

  5. 808s says:

    Might be his granddad, I never seen his real father.

  6. Cakes(Jeah!) says:

    Lol at the comments.. but it probably is a relative because that man looks GQ/dapper as hell just like Jay-z that man looks great in clothes cant even lie

  7. jamarxyz says:

    everybody has a twin somewhere,past,or present..even this guy.

  8. No_Dice22 says:

    Black don’t crack

  9. Oscho215 says:

    The jigga man is timeless.

  10. Daddyo says:

    His time travel was approved by the administration as an educational endeavor.

  11. spaceman696 says:

    Well he is a magus in the Ordo Templi Orientis…

  12. jBo says:

    33 is the new 2000, Nigga, I’m so hot still

  13. Tim says:

    This is as bad as white people saying Keanu Reeves is immortal…lol

  14. Tim says:

    Can’t deny the similarity to J Z though.

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