Jasmine Jordan (Michael Jordans Daughter) Family Throwback Pictures

· September 23, 2012

Jasmine Jordan is getting older now (19), she is college sopho**re now. She is still dating her boyfriend Scoop Jardine the Syracuse basketball all star. She recently posted some throwback family pictures on her Twitter of a young Jordan.

Her boyfriend Scoop Jardine from North Philly, he is going to put a ring on that.


Her mom

Her brother

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Discussion14 Comments

  1. Nice. But can she hoop?

  2. TruDat says:

    The only reason this chick is getting any “clock” is becuz of her dad. she’s below average at best. GTFOHWTBS

    One Love

  3. MoorFedayeen says:

    She kinda cute enough but if she’s anything like her punk azz brotha then she can suck it slow then pay my car note……ya uppity, rich biiiiitch

  4. LouieV says:

    She decent. I see these old ass pervs on here like fake asses and hair.

    • Tim says:

      Agreed. Nothing wrong with her at all. But to have a dad who can hit a basket with his eyes close and be his son, that would make me feel sort of bad!

  5. Quai-Quai_20 says:

    She’s pretty just like her father.

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