Jasmine Jordan is getting older now (19), she is college sopho**re now. She is still dating her boyfriend Scoop Jardine the Syracuse basketball all star. She recently posted some throwback family pictures on her Twitter of a young Jordan.

Her boyfriend Scoop Jardine from North Philly, he is going to put a ring on that.

Her mom

Her brother

  • Nice. But can she hoop?

  • TruDat

    The only reason this chick is getting any “clock” is becuz of her dad. she’s below average at best. GTFOHWTBS

    One Love

    • desolation

      dang bruh was all that necessary ? I know you’re right but it aint like she a mudduck.

    • gogetit

      You act like the title of this post was “Michael Jordan’s fine as f@#k hot 2 death dimepiece daughter”. The title of this post is “Jasmine Jordan (Michael Jordan’s daughter) Family throwback pics”. Damn, some people might want to see these pics of her family. The post wasn’t all about her. Plus, can the girl live?

      • mike

        lmaooo True tho, TruDat is off on this one.

    • This isn’t a model of the moment post??

  • MoorFedayeen

    She kinda cute enough but if she’s anything like her punk azz brotha then she can suck it slow then pay my car note……ya uppity, rich biiiiitch

    • Car note? N*gga you know you ride the metro bus 44.

      • presto 2.0


      • MoorFedayeen

        Naw Prez, ya girl rides me, then I ride her azz back to the crib, throw her 20 then you pick her up later on and wonder why she’s repulsed by you.

        And Pedo 2.0, you stay nut riding this boy. Laughing at his every joke the way b1tches at the bar laugh at mine. So I guess you two are the new “Ambiguously Gay Duo”.

    • Why is uppity? Scoop is from the hood, she wouldn’t date him if she was like that.

  • LouieV

    She decent. I see these old ass pervs on here like fake asses and hair.

    • Tim

      Agreed. Nothing wrong with her at all. But to have a dad who can hit a basket with his eyes close and be his son, that would make me feel sort of bad!

  • Quai-Quai_20

    She’s pretty just like her father.