Janky Tax Company Stealing Peoples Refund Checks

· February 5, 2012




NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – A Norfolk woman still doesn’t have her money from Mo Money Taxes.Gladys Johnson says the IRS told her a nearly $4,000 refund check was deposited into the account of her tax preparer, the Mo Money location on East Little Creek Road.

Employee Keith Hill acknowledged Johnson’s money was in the Mo Money Taxes bank account, but said his business could not print checks due to a software glitch.

Hill promised Johnson could pick up her check Friday morning, but when we showed up with Gladys, the business was closed.

A sign on the door said checks would be printed at 3 p.m. Friday and the store would reopen at 4 p.m. The store did not open as the sign indicated.

Meanwhile, a crowd gathered outside the Mo Money Taxes on Tidewater Drive. Several police officers arrived on scene and left shortly after. But, the biggest crowd gathered at the Mo Money Taxes location on Granby Street in Norfolk.

Taxpayers invaded the store, throwing flyers and garbage on the ground, reportedly stealing electronics and digging through the company’s files to find theirs.

Mario Brady, the owner of the Mo Money Taxes on Granby Street, told WAVY.com there was a problem with the company’s bank. He said he printed 50 checks Friday, but 30 did not clear.

The name should of been a red flag. Scam  artist stay scamming.

  • blackandmild

    two thing you don’t mess with, and thats a man’s money and his kids. I’m not a violent man but i would have been kicking azz for days

  • BigBlackDude

    Payday loan scams have been in effect….but honestly the company’s name should have raised a red flag…..

  • Shomeluv

    Thats my home town, he might not make it to next week, ppl dont play, and c’mon that name tho, y r we that foolish to fall for it, i bet not one Anglo Saxon got they taxes done there…smh

  • Panicky Pete

    Support black business!

    • Entrepreneur

      I’m a black business owner. This has nothing to do with “Black” and everything to do with professionalism. They probably didn’t employ proper accounting procedures and were trying to use the early run of refund checks to make payroll and lease payments. smh.

      These Mo Tax spots are all over the U.S., most are run directly by the founder, but some are franchises.

  • queso BP.1

    Exactly…mo money taxes? Come on

    • http://atlnightspots.com B Strait 3000

      Exactly..go with some reputable tax service…not a fly by night place smh. But when they catch up with Wayne Brady brother…they gon stomp a mudhole in him lmao!!!

  • Mr Nice Guy

    LMAO, I bet alot of them were Navy cats. The one off little creek is near one of the navy bases. MoMoney, folks came in grabbing computers and business phones. Too funny.

  • OneRealWiseGuy

    Perhaps they should consider renaming their establishment “No Money”. It would be more suitable.

  • k-2

    No offense but these people are idiots for trusting their money with Mo Money taxes. I mean have you seen how bad and Low quality their commercials look? even after all these years, they still look vhs/old cell phone quality and the acting is terrible. That’s more than enough for me to not want to do business with them. I remember my uncle telling us ~2yrs ago that they were on this same shit they’re in trouble for today

  • http://krooksbigbootys.blogspot.com/ OneSlug Management

    That’s messed up.You try to support your people and this is what you get?

  • 1luv

    Another one would be Liberty Tax, had a bad run in with them last year.

    Go New England!