Behind the scenes pictures of Corinne Bishop, 17 ,the daughter of actor Jamie Foxx American Cheerleader cover photo shoot. She must look just like her moms cause I don’t see any of Jamies features in her.

  • crabapples

    she needs at least a couple more yrs to marinate.

    • ginoBrown


      • slydog

        co sign on that brotha

    • presto


  • New Age Hippie

    “!She looks like everybody elses kids in Hollywood=light skin looking half white.Its ashame…”

    • Southwest

      They know not what they do, brother. I’ll hit a nice thick white chick all day, but I would never, I repeat, never, parade her around the normal public like she’s my girl, let alone take her to meet mom duke. At the most, we can go to a movie on the white side of town or a nice down low restaurant, if I absolutely have to. I would never call her more than a “friend”, and I damn sure ain’t skeeting. A black man just looks weak with a white woman. If they knew better, they’d do better.

      • crabapples

        @southwest my beef is around quality. i see brothas rocking snaggletooth obese white chicks. WTF that makes no sense.

        assuming their heads are straight, i’d wife up jessica biel or that chick from transformers 3 in a heartbeat. they are bad as hell and other people’s opinions mean sh1t to me on that. but i’d rather have stacey dash just cuz i think we’d have more in common.

        • hating

          So you think. The Stacey dash’s you want would want something better. Black dudes are not always up to Par with black women and that’s real. When you converse with a black dude, you can tell his IQ is below the norm. So the question is would a stacey dash want you?

          • slydog

            @ everybody.. here is another newcomer, who is not familiar with the lingo around here. don’t snap back yet. let the noobie browse around some and get his or her nose wet.

          • crabapples

            would stacey dash want me?! ha.. thats a loaded question…

            firstly, stacey dash is an actress, not a neurosurgeon. i got 3 advanced degrees so as far as ‘intelligence’ goes not many can fuk with me, white, black, latino or asian. i whoop azz in scrabble and in my investment portfolio.

            secondly, stacey is on her 3rd marriage so it seems to me that she is does poorly in picking dudes to date. so whether she would want me is irrelevant. she may actually NEED me in her life.

            thirdly, i think you confuse IQ with knowledge. IQ is a measurement of intelligence, not knowledge. I think black men are generally very smart and know what they want. unfortunately they focus their energy on non-academic things.

            Lastly, my bedroom skills would seal the deal so I just need one ‘shot’ before she is sprung. hope that answers your question so you can continue hating.

      • TheTruthATL

        Hell Yeah! Southwest you hit it right on the head brotha. My sentiments exactly.

    • hating

      What is wrong with light skinned. You low minded dudes need to cut it off. There are light skinned blacks too. You ranting and crying over light skinned would not stop the fact that there would always be light skinned in the media. Get over your beef and start producing light skinned babies too.
      And that’s a very pretty young girl. Looks better than the bria myles, solei’s ,lastarya and every damn #teamchocolate

      • red

        damn You must be either White or a uncle tom ass negro

        Maybe you just some ugly ass bird hating

      • moorfedayeen

        Fuck hating. Why would we do that?

  • T-Fleezee

    You don’t belong amongst the wolves on here. Me included of course! Lol!

    • presto


  • Well

    Ignorance kills. She’s black. Both of her parents are Black. Her mother is just light skinned. Second of all, there is nothing weak about Black men with White women. However there is something wrong about baby daddies and nuccas who can’t marry a woman but want to “skeat” all over the place. We need to evolve. Black isn’t the anti-White and we need to stop pushing this idea. If anybody makes you look weak, you were weak to begin with. Being aggressive isn’t manly, it’s primitive. If you find someone who makes you happy, is supportive and understanding and that you can come home to without drama and she happens to be White. Who gives a F@ck? Seriously? You’re a grown man. Who is going to tell you anything about who you can date and what it says about you. Like two people are alike. No two Black men are alike, while would White people be alike? Why would you make such generalizations? Second of all, where does such hate (or haterade-filled) speech come from when you’re looking at the pictures of a teenager? Just say nice pic, she’s a good looking kid and move on player.

    Not ranting, but ignorance is a pet peeve of mine. 🙂 Proceed!

    • @well, very WELL said sir and i agree a 100%!

    • hating

      Very intelligent. Pls comment more often on this website. So much ignorance.

      • crabapples

        ‘hating’… you just got here so don’t troll around stating your opinion of what is or is not intelligent. There’s a lot of playful comments and jokes on this site. Not everyone is serious all the time. How about you get used to that idea before you start dropping your comments here and there like so much bird sh1t.

        Hahz, we need some moderators around here to manage the troll activity. I volunteer.

    • crabapples

      Ok. where were you when i was blasting ignorant fools on that Michelle Bachman post yesterday? Seems like some folks are selective on the ignorance they wish to call out.

      • slydog

        @ crabs.. did you have to kill him with the investment portfolio…lol… actually lmfao

  • slydog

    You know what, after reading all of these above comments in hindsight…. even to all of my friends on here.. YOU ALL SOUND LIKE IDIOTS!!!! Take the time out to reread what all of you have just said and take the emotion out of it. geez louise!!! This lil comment beef down spiraled from a locker room joke about skeeting in white women to some strange lightskin person defender calling all chocolate people ugly to a social lesson on interracial relationships and baby mama creation. Like Lawrence Fishburn in Skool Dayz ” WAKE UP!!!” This is Jamie Foxxs little girl who is about to turn into a beautiful black woman one day. THAT is all this needs to be about. PEACE!!!

    • Pose

      Real talk….

  • 1luv

    Same here well. I am a very diverse black male and I would not have a problem marrying a woman of any race. If you the type of man that would hit a women of a different race but is ashamed of walking with her around in public, your insecurity is strong. I could care less what these close minded people think of me if I date someone outside my race, a sucker don’t make me or brake me!

    PS: Jamie’s daughter has to look like her mother cause I see no resemblance!

  • She’s OK. PEACE!!!

  • Who Cares!!!!