Django Unchained star Jamie Foxx speaks out in defense of the acclaimed filmmaker and his treatment of the sensitive slavery subject matter.

The Oscar-winning actor told the Los Angeles Times, ‘Quentin has an affinity for writing horrible things and then making you laugh.

‘He’s making entertainment. Hopefully, it makes you go ask questions and you Google it.’

Emphasising the film’s fictional genre, Foxx made it clear that the movie’s ultimate goal was not to be a history lesson for the audience:

‘If you want to learn something from a movie, go watch a docu*entary.’

I personally feel movie companies re-write history through movies, we will never see a black history movie before the Slavery era for obvious reasons.

Movie directors like Steven Spielberg that studied Egyptology and released movies like Prince of Egypt from a era where black people ruled and used 0 black people in the movie.

Africa is the reason we have a Western Civilization. Some one should make a major motion film about mystery schools of Egypt like the University of Sankore and other intellectual centers in Timbuktu and Jenne so people can Google that.


  • crabapples

    Hahz you got one thing wrong above… Africa was the reason we had ANY civilization, not jsut western civilization. geometry, physics and philosophy were all taken from egypt before there was a socrates or pythagoras.

    Yep its crazy that not one Black voice was used as one of the main characters. But that just goes to show you that Hollywood doesnt give a fuk about historical accuracy. but its not their job either.

    i respect spike’s opinion, but damn… how about you make a movie about something other than brooklyn. go make another Malcolm X type joint and I for one will go see it. go make a film about frederick douglas or sojourner truth or crispus attucks. i will go see it. talking from the sidelines doesnt help a cot damn thing.

    • If you look anyone’s career in entertainment they all had to accept jobs, that they wouldn’t have if they weren’t financially dependent on Hollywood.

  • MoorFedayeen

    If anyone should be mad about the film it should be whites cause Jamie was playing the sh1t out them white folks in the movie. I have 0 complaints about the film and everybody know how critical I am. Jamie may be that smart to take it back to Egypt but I think his AnR got with him for a witty retort on Lee because if he knew all that he wouldn’t of cooned in the beginning.

    • Jamez

      damn even im surprised at u but i actually found the movie educational in a few ways. the film is based off of dangerfield newby btw. i DO think spike need to stop makin the same ol same ol BUT howmany movies we gotta see bout whites playing the hero to the negro?? and what to all the movies we used to have??

    • You called him a “coon” now you praising him? More proof that you must be a confused Transexual.

  • ReefMoney

    Why would spielberg put any Black people in an Egyptian movie when Egyptians themselves DONT CONSIDERS THEMSELVES BLACK!

    • MoorFedayeen

      ^^^Stupidest comment EVER^^^

  • ReefMoney

    “Over the years, Egypt has had a particularly difficult time coming to grips with its African identity. Many Egyptians do not consider themselves Africans. Some take offense even to being identified with Africa at all. When speaking to Egyptians who have traveled to countries below the Sahara, nearly all of them speak of going to Africa, or going down to Africa, as if Egypt were separate from the rest of the continent.”

    • now thats pcp

      stop showing these mixed breeds of Egyptians that evolved from the ptolomey period…these egyptians were the result of rape n forced marriage courtesy of the greeks….google kemet

  • Hmm

    I wish “black” people would stop boasting about Egypt, especially considering the ethnic and racial ambiguity of the region throughout history. As well as, the fact that most black people can trace their roots to sub-Saharan Africa. Egypt was glamorous and all, and I know there we’re traveling Moors and such, but I refuse to believe that North Africa was the only place in the whole of Africa with notable technological advancements.

    • now thats pcp

      if u refuse to believe it, then where is your study proving egypt was not the only place for technology advancements

      • Hmm

        Belief and knowledge are not one in the same. I suggest you get a better grasp of the English language and commonsense. My professional experience does not include anthropology, archaeology, nor ancient history; however, I have studied, in general, most of the great civilizations of the past and I’ve noticed only the civilizations that directly effected European interest are noted.

        I also know (as far as I’ve read) Egypt was a melting a pot consisting of trade routes and various places of business. It has never been an isolated land, so it’s safe to assume (considering the history of mankind) that knowledge, beliefs and skills were shared through business and general interaction between visitors and locals.

        Also considering how much interference the Romans and Greeks had in Egypt, it’s a wonder why black people would rely so heavily on Egypt as proof of their historical ingenuity and intelligence out of the WHOLE, VAST continent that is AFRICA. I guess you’d rather believe everyone else in Africa was roaming with spears and sitting butt naked in the dirt. Google the “Walls of Benin” and research from there…that’s the only “footnote” I’ll be providing.

  • Reef Money

    How is that? I went to college with several Egyptian & they stood up in a class about stereotypes & they said quote “we’re tired of black people thinking were black because your ancestors come from the same continent as we do”

    Years later I met an Egyptian chick named Hoda who said the same things. Just Google it & see what comes up. Egyptians, as a whole, do not consider themselves black.

  • Southwestern

    I saw a DVD in the store about a film on Thurgood Marshall played by Lawrence Fishburne. Never even heard of it. Sadly, his career has been all but halted because of his daughters exploits. Anybody seen that joint?
    As far as Django, it accomplished its goal. To get people discussing. There are 101 talking points you could come up with out of it. But I don’t buy the premise that it should be categorized as a “revenge flick”, “romance,” “spaghetti western”, or “blaxploitation”. It’s a slavery and race relations movie, point blank period. You cant show a woman getting whipped with her lover begging to take her place and be anything else, I’m sorry. Pulp Fiction and Resevoir still superior movies to all his others due to their originality. Inglorious should’ve been shorter but I’m no Roger Ebert or some s&@t.