Dolly Castro comes through with some flicks from her spread in the Dynasty Series magazine and some other shots too.  Are you feeling these pictures?

Excerpts from Blackmen magazine.

BM:How do you reply to online haters?

DC:Hi! Love you and, I mean it! Bye!

BM:If you see a guys page you like you..

DC: investigate it a little.

BM: Is there a advantage of having a nice bu**?

DC: I don’t have one

BM:Would you rather have a great face and no bu** or vice versa?

DC:Great face and buy the bu** (Laughs)

BM:If your bu** disappeared, you would…

DC: I would use magic to make it reappear

BM:Your feelings on bu** shots?

DC:If your going to do it , do it right


Props Playboy69



  • Well its no secret she’s team fairytales….but id smash her with them big tits she’s holding

    • President Ward


    • Playboy69


  • President Ward

    Queen if Sexy!

    Wolfpack Inc.

    • President Ward

      Queen of Sexy. That’s what i meant. lol

  • Newyorkvixen

    Super sexy and so exotic !!!!!! My favorite kinda girls

  • Playboy69

    Dolly Castro is Dimepiece Certified… It’s Team Fairy Tales Strong!

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  • lazarus

    Midgard sepent week-end pass for all rides. Word

  • Larcen

    At least she honest about her fake assets and not lying or stuntin about it that is actually really attractive

  • RED(Corp)