Is Kony 2012 Really About Uganda’s Oil?

· March 8, 2012

Uganda reporter

By now most people have probably seen the Kony 2012 film which was created by the charity, Invisible Children and talks about child soldiers in Africa as well as the evil actions of Joseph Kony.

What I have a issue with is that everyone is so emotional because of a 30 min film they watched and never did the research on their own.

I do not doubt that Joseph Kony is probably an evil man who has done some horrible things and the film does raise some serious issues, however it is probably a bigger agenda behind this issue.

In 2009 oil was found in Uganda by Tullow Oil and the 800 million barrels were valued at $50 billion but could lead to more being found at a later date.

Tullow Oil’s chief executive, Aidan Heavey, said;

“what we think is going to be found in the next few years is about two billion barrels.”

Money and oil are usually at the heart of every piece of propaganda since time began and so this shouldn’t really surprise us.

I think that the film aims to get people riled up for a war in Uganda in case the government doesn’t do what they are told.

In today’s news Rihanna is the latest celebrity who has reached out to the Invisible Children organization to lend a helping hand in stopping Joseph Kony. Rihanna and Invisible Children are reportedly working to get the new video out ASAP.

According to the The Daily What: The organization behind Kony 2012 —

. — is an extremely shady nonprofit that has been called ”misleading,” “naive,” and “dangerous” by a Yale political science professor, and has been accused by Foreign Affairs of “manipulat[ing] facts for strategic purposes.” They have also been criticized by the Better Business Bureau for refusing to provide information necessary to determine if IC meets the Bureau’s standards.Additional ly, IC has a low two-star rating in accountability from Charity Navigator because they won’t let their financials be independently audited. That’s not a good thing. In fact, it’s a very bad thing, and should make you immediately pause and reflect on where the money you’re sending them is going.
The Better Business Bureau is reporting that only 32% of the money donated to this ‘charity’ reaches the Ugandans!

  • trey

    This the @#$#@$ thats going on people be talking going by hear say not doing they own research on @#$#@$ before they be wide open they government is behind all the @#$#@$ up @#$#@$ going on they knocked down the towers and the news is put out to feed you @#$#@$ not the truth. They know america is dumb as @#$#@$

    • blackandmild

      @trey why waste yo time with the disguise of the curse words;;;; unless yo brain is too fragile to function without them


      that amount of oil is a joke, Saudi Arabia pisses 800 million barrels, and the US pisses 50 billion dollars, you’ll have to do better than that

      • JohnInMiami

        Agreed, the US Dept of Defense, according to, use 360,000 barrels of oil each day. The American government is absolutely not interested in Uganda and its crude oil supply that would deplete in less then 2 days.

        I have to wonder if the reporter is being threatened of help at gunpoint…

        • JohnInMiami

          ugh… meant to say “I have to wonder if the reporter is being threatened or held at gunpoint.”

        • Michael

          It said there would be 2 billion barrels. That means it would be enough for US more than 5555 days which is more than 15 years. Now I begin to doubt the motivation of the film.


      and this is not a reporter she’s a blogger.

  • prince_kosmic

    Wake up Black America. The new face of terrorism will be an African face. America needs a new enemy. First, they had to overthrow the two richest countries in Africa, Libya and Egypt. Now Al-Qeada/ the “reform government” is commiting genocide against the Blacks. Now they must demonize the very dictators they supported, encouraged, and ARMED about so called atrocities the European ordered in ordered to get cheap natural resources. The Congo sits on 28 trillion dollars of resources. Look up what Idi Amin said about Isreal and the U.S. in reference to Uganda 40 years ago. The “Last King of Scotland” won an academy award, for what? Another crazy, blood thirsty nigga!!! Is Kony a saint? Hell no. So what makes a liberal or conservative European the right to judge the very person they armed in order to keep Uganda and Africa destabilized so that NIGGAS can’t rule this planet AGAIN!!!? Look up the Moorish Paradigm by Hakim Bey (the black man, not the old white man). The OIL. Simple as that. And us Black folks over here getting ENTERTAINED BY COONS!!!

    • trey

      PREACH!!!!!! its a lot of coon @#$#@$ going on from the black community period. black mutha @#$#@$ need to wake up before they ass be blind sided back in to slaver thats the next thing coming

    • presto 2.0

      …good ish @Prince

      • hellrazer

        @ prince well said

        • @terryplease

          We had our disagreements prince but u sound like me. knowledge is power if u don’t know

  • Origin

    Well said on everything Prince. Europe has helped destabilize the Congo since colonial days.

  • Panicky Pete

    Cute reporter. Where can I see this movie?? I’m curious to find out the facts abt this issue…

    • Red Of The Teamchocolate

      we don’t need your input we all know you a caveman

      • still118


      • Panicky Pete

        U must not get laid much since you have so much anger in you….

  • Red Of The Teamchocolate

    They attacked the Arab world you should have known WE were Next

    Notice How the Media Loves to Portray The Motherland as Dead and Barren
    But They stay Over stealing shit

    They stole our statues and artifacts from Kemet
    They stole from The Congo

    Amerikkka will Catch it’s Karma very soon

    • presto 2.0

      …soon…very soon!

    • a

      if you don’t like AMERICA please, leave this is ridiculous. I dare you to go 7 days with out using any resources that are derived from oil. Unless you are completely off the grid you cannot make it. you CHOOSE to live in this country and to meet your DEMANDS things like this happen.

  • numbers

    I agree,but now what. The fact of the matter is we continue to identify the cause and not the solution. I’m from Watts. Black on black crime has always been a part of my life. Now its easy to say its because of racism and poverty, the system. The reality is we as a people have to be stronger and quit blaming The Man for our genocide. Joseph Koney is a murderer . I don’t care how much oil he’s sitting on.

    • hellrazer

      N!gga please don’t you have a march to go to nobodies blaming the man we’re just holding him accountable for his actions which is what you need to be doing instead of apologizing to the damn white man I swear a lot of you black people are still stuck in the 60’s still trying to live out mlks nightmare

      • numbers

        So you think the man has the answer to black peoples problem?!? you think hes going to fix it for you?!?..march????.I’m sayin niggas like you should quit cryin and do somethin…like..encouraging our youth instead of glorifying the bullshit that’s presnted to them by the man on a daily. I ain’t said shit about Apologizing for no white person, but niggas don’t never want to hear nothin about self accountability.

  • African View

    I know this is long but this is coming from an African perspective and it is rare to here an African’s point of view on Africa.
    Yes it is all about oil. Yes Kony has done some bad things but nothing compared to what the West has done in Africa and continues to still do.
    1) Willing buyer willing seller land reform. Right now half of the farm land in Namibia is owned by white immigrants whose parents and grandparents STOLE it from African’s and the African’s are suppose to buy back this STOLEN land. This states that farm land and mining land STOLEN during colonialism must be bought back. So Africans must pay millions of dollars for each farm and billions for each mine on land that their families have been living on for generations. And if you are brave and STAND UP FOR AFRICANS like President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe and take back what was stolen from Africans by foreigners you are labeled a racist and have sanctions placed on your country in hopes that your fellow citizens overthrow you. But the Africans in Zimbabwe are on to the West AND NO MATTER WHAT PROPAGANDA THE BBC, CNN, FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, NEW YORK TIMES, WASHINGTON POST OR OTHER WESTERN MEDIA OUTLETS PUT OUT THE AFRICANS OF ZIMBABWE WILL NOT SUMMIT TO THUGS LIKE ROY BENNET AND THE MDC (WHICH IS ANYTHING BUT DEMOCRATIC). This is similar to the Haitian Revolution when France the USA and other nations isolated Haiti economically and politically because the black Haitians refused to pay the French for Freeing their slaves. This is similar because just like requiring Haiti to pay for the slave’s freedom the West is requiring them to buy back the land that they have been living on for thousands of years. Purely disgusting.
    2) Current Land Grabs. and The practice of buying up land in other countries by paying corrupt Africans (who are regarded as the few good African leaders because they are willing to collaborate with foreigners to rip off Africa and transfer it’s wealth to the rest of the world. There’s talk of China buying up Africa but Americans, Canadians, Australians and Europeans are gobbling up the majority of resources and land in Africa.
    3) Foreign control. There is constant talk that Africans screw up Africa but Zambia’s vice president is a white British immigrant, the head of the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s state owned mining company was until recently a white Canadian. So its no surprise why so many Canadian and American mining companies operate in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. And Kenya’s government is full of white British cabinet holders so African’s are not of control of Africa yet.
    4) Genocide.
    a. The Herero and Namaqua Genocide
    b. King Leopard the 2nd Red Rubber Genocide in the Democratic Republic of Congo (killed over 10 million Africans in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, 6 milllion people were killed in the Holocaust)
    c. British in Kenya.
    d. Dutch (Afrikaners) and British in South Africa. But where was South Africa’s Nuremburg Trails to bring the guilty to justice. Instead criminals like Wouter Basson walk around free. ICC if you are truly about justice arrest this violator of human rights and others like him from the Apartheid era government.
    e. The French in West Africa. (Pick a country)
    f. The Portuguese in Angola and Mozambique.
    -Dead, living, free, or in prison on the orders of the colonialists, it is not I who counts. It is the Congo and Africa, it is our people for whom independence has been transformed into a cage where we are regarded from the outside… History will one day have its say, but it will not be the history that Brussels, Paris, Washington, or the United Nations will teach, but that which they will teach in the countries emancipated from colonialism and its puppets… a history of glory and dignity. ”
    — Patrice Lumumba, October 1960
    Here are some Africans who cared so much for Africa and Africans that they were willing to sacrifice themselves for Africa and the African people.
    Thomas Sankara
    Patrice Lumumba
    Kwame Nkrumah
    Robert Mugabe

  • Wise33

    So how come all of a sudden people care? The L.R.A. and Kony have been messing up since the 80’s. and the fact that the U.S. sent troops into Africa was made public months ago. So again why have people begun to care? is it because of this movie, if that’s it well that’s !!ing disappointing, And while were at it show we also make[..]ad, Mugabe, Lukashenko and Chávez famous too. at least then dumb people may know who they are. but then the damn government wont do anything about it

  • Origin

    Great post African View.

  • presto 2.0

    “for our battle is not against flesh and blood…but against “powers”…against the “rulers” of darkness of this world…against spiritual wickedness in high places” – Ephesians 6:12

    …resources are running out…and we gonna be at war from here on out….for the remaining natrual resources left on the planet…they will make shyt so expensive that our materialistic azzes wont kno how to survive…

    • still118

      good one pres…

  • still118

    number one, there are so many disadvantaged people throughout the world. nobody truly works on behalf of their needs. i agree w/prince, african view & so many others. there are so many agendas that it is really foolhardy to accept anything televised or written as the truth. i’m glad they cant pull one over on the wolfpack…like @papichulo would say, “STAY THIRSTY.”

  • taper g

    Maybe im wrong ….i cud be but why ppl always think its sum underworld type bullshit goin on jus to help sum gotdam kids who bein raped n kidnapped sure its been goin on for years n jus cuz sumbody actually wanna do sumthin about it its about oil…so the f@ck wht if it is …sh1t they they live in the jungle they dnt need no #@$@ oil why cnt it jus be good hearted ppl in the world i dnt wanna research #@$@…why everytime sumbody try to do sumthin good a million ppl come postin links about a conspiracy n oil n castro n whole bunch of other fuck $%#@ …thts why ppl scared to do sumthin positive now becuz u cnt sumbody always tearin u down im sick of the #$%#$ i dnt care im helpin them lil kids if the money dnt get to them so be it atleast i tried

    • Now Thats Pcp

      You sound like a sheep, for every deed made public, theres always a hidden agenda/interest….let me put it simple, you meet a girl, u like her, u take here out…are you just doing this to help out or do you u have an hidden agenda of trying to tap the kitty…dont be stupid, do your research and stop falling for the slight of hand trick

  • H.B.

    Remember the story that was posted a while back about the millionaires and billionaires buying land in Africa…. I’m assuming there’s a connection here right?????

  • LD

    Oil will someday become a useless resource, I did not need the video to open my eyes to the issues going on in Africa. If the help for these children is genuine, then so be it. All I know is Uganda is poverty stricken, rape and incest are ramapnt, poor healthcare, starvation, etc. If someone wants to help them so be it. As for Kony whether a good man or bad, his time will eventually run out on this earth.

  • D’mage

    SAD. There are no option’s when you have something America wantz. Do what we say and give it up, or we will take it. Clearly showing u the greed of our own so called government. Brace yourself for a long bloody battle to come, in this country as well. The U.S. Can’t keep taking people(other countries) sh$t and sleeping good @ night…(Brainwash your own and take therez=FAIL)

  • Nobigurls

    Oil is second fiddle, it’s use for now is going to keep them wealthy but they will dry the land of it natural resources. Water is the man goal this is a ploy to keep the eye off what they really want. That’s why they killed khadafi and outsted Mubarak!! If it’s really about saving children Asia is the absolute worst but that won’t happen :~\ or stop the worlds largest producer of poppy (heroin) it’s their version of our corn – Afghanistan hmmm it became the drug of choice as soon as we went to war there during the bush yrs hmmm (production has increased annually). Anyway follow water!!

    One more thing fuk y’all biich niggas snitchn’ I know u readin this itchin’

  • mike

    What does Tullow Oil and KONY 2012 have in common in Uganda?

    Both backed by JP Morgan, which is not to say I condone Kony, but come on people, follow the money!! JP Morgan Chase gave $1 million to Invisible Children.

    JP morgan don’t give two shits about the kids, it’s about resources people oil, gold , hydro carbons

    • JohnInMiami

      but, 800 million barrels of oil represents less then 2 days of oil used by the US Dept of Defense. From a resource standpoint Uganda is not even worth a second look by the US Gov.

      For the record, today I donated $100 to Invisible Children, if 10,000 others did the same, and considering over 80 million people have already viewed Kony 2012 in less than 1 week, then 1 million dollars may not have necessarily come from a secret corporate donor.

      • Angry_Man

        But if they use 360,000 a day then 2 days worth isn’t even 1 million barrels. The supply over there is at over 800 MILLION barrels. So were talking considerably over 2 days worth

  • Moose

    so when we do run out of resources whole towns, cities and countries will be re-purposed on the idea of using less in order to make more. We are talking riding bikes and walking to work, because everyone who will have work will live close to it, and those without one.. go without. we need to figure out a strategy for when this day comes because killing each other for whats left is probably gonna happen.

  • MotherOcean

    Everyone screaming about the US wanting oil and trying to discredit this organization is leaving out some very important facts. First of all, the amount of oil discovered in Uganda is nothing.It is shale oil and very hard to recover. No one has any interest in courting Uganda for its oil. We have untapped resources for shale oil right here in the US but we don’t bother with it because of the lack of commercial viability. After mining, the oil shale is transported to a facility for retorting, a heating process that separates the oil fractions of oil shale from the mineral fraction. The vessel in which retorting takes place is known as a retort. After retorting, the oil must be upgraded by further processing before it can be sent to a refinery, and the spent shale must be disposed of. Both mining and processing of oil shale involve a variety of environmental impacts, such as global warming and greenhouse gas emissions, disturbance of mined land, disposal of spent shale, use of water resources, and impacts on air and water quality. Not only would after processing there be only a couple of days worth of US oil, the relatively high cost of producing oil from oil shale wouldn’t even be worth the couple of days worth. Secondly, how is someone who makes a video and says they are from Uganda able to get people to start screaming conspiracy? Easy! Because the majority of you have not been to Uganda so it is easy to take advantage of your ignorance on the subject. People assume because someone says they are from Uganda that she is speaking for those who have been effected by the horrible crimes committed by Kony and that they themselves don’t want the help. I have been to Uganada. This is false! You have to understand, Uganda is made up of a diverse range of ethnic groups. You have the Iteso, The Baganda, The Karamojong, The Lango, The Acholi and several other tribes. Just because someone says they are from Uganda does not mean they are of the people effected or that they are not supporters of Kony even. Sometimes it is jumping on the bandwagon of uninformed conspiracy theorist with no factual basis that makes people behave as sheep. Is Kony who the KONY 2012 video says he is? ABSOLUTELY! Has he committed these hideous acts against children? ABSOLUTELY! Does he need to be stopped and brought to justice? YES! Do these children deserve justice, Do his past victims deserve help, Do we need to make sure that no more children have to live with these horrors that you and I can not possibly even imagine? ABSOLUTELY YES!!!
    When something gains as much attention as the KONY 2012 video did in such a short amount of time, there are always going to be conspiracy theorist crawling out of the woodwork. This is a disgusting human trait to have to find a way to put down others who are trying to make a difference and do good. This was never a government or military led operation. It is a charitable/activist movement. This is and always has been about these children!! Please do not behave like mindless drones and speak out against something good without first gaining first-hand knowledge and fact.

  • Craig

    Yes, the American Government is actually behind the Kony 2012 Film and efforts! This makes so much sense! They paid that Ugandan boy to pretend he had watched his brother be killed before his eyes, and they probably also paid the founder to spend 9 years working on this (though oil was only found 3 years ago) and then paid him to have a nervous breakdown, embarrassing himself before the world! – Idiots! Yes, please do your own research… but make sure all your neurons are functioning in your BRAIN first! Otherwise… as is clearly the case HERE, you won’t “understand” the FACTS!

    A few points:

    It’s about oil? – Jason was working on these efforts for 9 years! Oil was only discovered 3 years ago. IT’S NOT ABOUT OIL!

    It’s about enriching the founder? – Con artists do NOT have nervous breakdowns because their scams are successful… they RELISH that success as they rake in the cash! IT’S NOT A MONEY-MAKING SCAM!

    Finances? – They say UPFRONT that their primary purpose is to bring AWARENESS to the problem, so more people and governments will get involved. It is NOT an aid organization, though they have created a radio network to warn people when Kony’s army is threatening and they have rebuilt schools in Uganda, etc… but their primary mission is creating awareness to encourage political resolve to end this plight, and hopefully bring some of Kony’s child soldiers home!

  • -_-

    “Money and oil are usually at the heart of every piece of propaganda since time began and so this shouldn’t really surprise us.”

    Cause oil wasn’t a useless pile of muck years ago. It wasn’t actually valuable until the combustion engine. Not only this but the fallacies are rampant in this article. I’m not a supporter of Kony… but I am a writer. And this journalism is garbage.

  • Jay

    In 2007, Heritage Oil “talked of Ugandan reserves of 2.4 billion barrels (380,000,000 m3) worth $7 billion as the “most exciting new play in sub-Saharan Africa in the past decade.”

    “However, development will require a 750 miles (1,210 km) pipeline to the coast, which will need $80 oil to justify.”

    Oil Prices are currently at an 18-month low of $88, and at the time the Kony video was released, was over $100. I’m not convinced either way. However, there is definitely a lot of oil in Uganda; and it would be very easy for a government to hijack an innocent organisation and manipulate it for it’s own end though…