Check out this human faced ass dog name is Tonik, who was saved recently rescued from a kill shelter in Kentucky. I don’t think I could take his human face all up in my grill in the crib, he looks a little too creepy.

Does his face look human to you?

  • Realtalkin

    i aint gonna front that is some weird/creepy lookin ish

  • Tim

    Teen wolf 2013

  • chollywolly

    Man i thought that was some photoshop stuff at first. Thats creepy

  • chollywolly

    That dog look like my lil cousin

  • presto 2.5

    Lol @Hahz…

    “Thats MoorFeen Reincarnated”…lol

    • too_funny (TC UNLTD)

      @presto_change-o ….. P said u was a dog, i guess she was right lol

      • MoorFedayeen

        Fuq boy, I’m still here so how can I be reincarnated? That’s actually me and your girls bastard child. Half man, half dog. N1ggas really wasn’t joking when they said was a b1tch.

        • presto 2.5

          “Fuq Boy?”…stopit wit the “Drug Dealer” slang MoorFeen your fakeazz gangster front was exploited in 012…lets move on…you fakeazz goon…lol

          “I’m still here…so how can i be reincarnated?”….you sound like a 10 yr old…right after saying “Fuq Boy”…

          and the rest of that ish is lame as hell…((SMACKS @MOOR))…I expect better from you @MoorFeen…now get yo azz back on tha corner and write some better shyt!…Lmao

  • damnshame

    @hahz what that’s ish dat u be smokin….decal decal decal decal- pass it ova here-….decal decal …(method man)

  • Von P

    wow looks human

  • President Ward

    lol wtf?

  • 1luv

    Damn, I swear I be feeling like theere is a group out there that is experimenting with animals.