Is Iggy Azalea Considered A PAWG?

· May 12, 2012

Complex magazine just named Iggy Azalea on of the top 25 se*iest Musicians under the age of 25, and Iggy made the cut in the top 5 spot coming in at #4. Iggy posted some bu** shots last night on her Instagram below, is she certified PAWG?


During their ‘Murda Bizness’ session, another video was recorded. In it Ti and Iggy talk about their upcoming plans and later T.I. asks a couple of questions.

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  1. queso BP.1 says:

    not bad…Smashable.

  2. Red Of Team Chocolate says:

    she so damn pale………

    Melanin women only

  3. Juice says:


  4. asa says:

    she sexy seen her in toronto last year nice body , tall and smooth skin , nice hips and a nice ass for a white girl.

  5. She fine but when it comes to white girls gwen stefani. Say what you like but she was DOPE!!!

  6. wobeli says:

    Nice frame on her

  7. realtalkldn says:

    potentially a pawg, but not yet. She still good to go though

  8. cadillacgrease of BP says:

    YES! if PAWG stood for plain ass white girl

  9. Big AL says:

    Her face and paleness is not a good look. Her booty is overrated though. Niccas was talking like she had a cerified white girl donk like Druuna or Coco.

  10. DCAssLuva says:

    just like her azz!!

  11. no…but she’d get it in the most horrendous way.

  12. desolation says:

    she aight but i’ve seen much better

  13. Red Of Team Chocolate says:

    she look like a jar of Mayonnaise

  14. still118 says:

    is iggy azalea considered attractive?…#ni66aplease

  15. lazarus says:

    This wouldnt register on my radar.

  16. DatPiff says:

    She’s a PAWG to me and I like her. She’s in my top 3 PAWGS of all time with Coco and Amazin Amie.

  17. damnshame says:

    she straight with photoshop and makeup.

  18. navybluesilk says:

    There is something about her that I really like. I like the pic of her without makeup. I hope she gets serious about her music so we can finally see what she is all about.

  19. D.A. says:

    She lookin right to me. I knew she had an a** on her I just didn’t know it was like that. NICE.

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