Check out recent pictures of video vixen Beautiful April who is 5’4 130 with the measurements of 34-26-40. Do you think Beautiful April is a dime,nine piece or straight 8 ball?



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  • TC

    10 The name fits perfectly..this is an official dime

    • treydarealest1

      You cant look at her and see she almost all fake? lmao makeup weave tits etc? lmao

      • TC

        What I can see is that when she does take it off she’ll still be beautiful and probably look even better! definition of a dime and you can see shes working shes at a photo and/or video shoot so those things(weave,makeup) come with the territory

        • treydarealest1

          All those pictures are not at a photo shoot. There are car pics dinner pics, Home pics lmao yet she still has on the same makeup/weave

          • TC

            *sighs and rolls eyes* whatever trey some girls like makeup and weave because its dramatic and fun and u can really play around with it and your looks even though they look better without it and dont need it…the pic of her in the pool even with her face scrunched from the sun no makeup beautiful nothing lower than 9.9

          • How can yall look at pics and tell if a woman has weave?

          • tone

            @hahz You ever seen chris rocks documentary on good hair? Its all about weave lol its was hurtful to watch women spend almost a extra 9 thousand a year on weaves. After watching that any man can spot a weave a mile away. Can’t explain it. It just looks fake, then you know fake. Spanish women and mixed women can pull it off better than a brown skin young lady that is wearing hair that is wavy lol but its all fake.

          • but you can’t by just looking at pics unless they are hd quality zoomed in to there roots. There hasn’t been a model posted yet that you didn’t mention them having weave.

          • tone

            @hahz because they have all been weaves lmao most people around the world know weaves now when they see them. A lot of your face time models don’t have weaves. Go check out the difference.

          • tone

            @hahz you said I have said every young lady posted has a weave??? Not true. Maliah has real hair so does portia, karamel. Tae heckard. Plenty of face time models. Pretty kitty its not science anyone can look and no the difference.

  • Mike Lowrey

    Straight 8 ball.

  • D’mage

    Sup Atlnghtspts family?, need a little more proof…(7.9)

    • D’mage wassup with you bro? longtime no see welcome back. I’ll give her a 8.

      • Playboy69

        @850….Preach! LASTARYA >>>> Ms. April FOOLS!…LMFAO!

  • Realtalkldn

    Dime to me

  • Will

    This is a nice specimen right here! 9.5…lose a half off the weave…but the homefessionals are nice, and she got some tigobitties with just enough azz, and no outlandish tats (she has ’em but not to the extreme)…

  • Imma go with “straight 8 ball”. She bad as hell tho,pretty face,sick body(loving them tits) but she loses 2pts for weave & cakeup. BP corp worthy indeed

    • queso BP.1

      And 1..have a feelin she look better in person too.

      • REX REDBONES!!!!!

        AND 2,everybody can’t be a dimepiece she’s missing alil mo body n face to he considered plus shouldn’t personality factor in to the convo if we really callin a woman a SO CALL DIMEPIECE?????I’m jus sayin,u know what I’m sayin?????lol…

        • MisterMidas

          @Rex U can’t see personality on a pic bro….know what I’m saying?? Damn all that lol. Hell, I ain’t never smashed a broads “personality” before…

        • Purely physical this isn’t a chat room.

      • tone

        This goes to show BP is not racist against non mixed black women lol. We caught the cakeup weave fake tittys. I will take her over most young ladies wearing the same trickery on here. She lost points for her fakness just like any other young lady would. Proud of BP lol

    • TC

      I am so confused she has a beautiful face a great body,nice hair for the people who are hung up on that here on ans so why is she getting less than 9 straight across the board…you can tell the makeup is taking away from her beauty so just imagine how gorgeous she really is!! and her hips/a* is 14inches from her waist!! how much more do you need tthats a banging shape oh I forgot u guys like freak show sized a* and some of you were giving the supposed brazilian tranny praises smdh this proves men know nothing about anything…its cool we can have different views on thiis im just a little shocked with the numbers and comments thats all

      • @TC, uh oh somebody is drunk off of “crunk juice” this morning lol. Stop starting trouble because we didn’t give her the same rating as u…..ur so confrontational these days LOL. I personally said she was bad azz,I just don’t like weave & make-up on women who I consider dimes(physically). But she’s hot so its all good “sheesh” LOL. **@TC rolls her eyes**…”wuteva B” lol

        • TC

          Lol thats exactly what I did

      • treydarealest1

        She pretty but has fake tits a weave and wears to much makeup. she could be a dime if she loses the fake shit

  • Playboy69

    she is Straight 8 Ball

  • Simba

    9 piece.

  • Red C.E.

    I’d give her an 8.5

    she definitely can get it

  • treydarealest1

    she loses points for all the fake shit. But she the best looking fake wearing chick I have seen on here. Now She should and can be compare to all the other chicks with weave/makeup she would murder them all.

  • downbydariver


  • I’d give her a 8.

  • MisterMidas

    Face like that…titties like that….azz like that, AND no stomach?? Ole girl is at LEAST a 9. Yall niccas talking about 8, is love to see what exactly a dimepiece is to yall. Cause I really don’t see a flaw with this chick, but I got a dimepiece max quota so I can’t be chunking that card out all willy-nilly!

  • tone

    She a 9 even with fake hair makeup porn star tit job. I don’t consider any women that is 90 percent fake a dime. Just my preference

  • it wasn’t until I saw the pic of her in the white nike sports bra that I thought she was definitely nice. That pic she gets a 10. i do agree with tone though.

  • too_funny

    based on pic 13, which appears to have no make up, i’ll give her a 7. nice body thou.

    • MisterMidas

      7 bro…really? *Side eye* U got the right name, cause u are definitely “funny”.

      • too_funny

        @mister….ok but how she look different in pic 8 and pic 13…..she doesnt look the same homie

        in pics 8 and 9 she look like a cross btw rosie perez and sandra burnhart

  • 7.5 why do y’all care if women use weave,Every woman don’t have really long hair….Yall current GF prolly using weave right now.

  • MisterMidas

    @toofunny Ummm…It’s called makeup dog. It ain’t hard to tell It’s the same chick.

    • too_funny

      yeah i know but some women do look like 2 different ppl with and without make up

  • crabs

    she’s a borderline 8-9. them racks got my mouth wide open. and she’s a pretty girl too. i’m not gonna knock her for the makeup. in that second to last pic she’s not wearing makeup and she’s still attractive.

    i wonder how she gets her job on with melons like that. she must be giving herself eye jammies left and right.

  • desolation


  • damnshame

    that video was sexy as f*ck..i think i might’ve got a little wet.