Irene The Dream Looking Photo Shoot Fresh

· September 14, 2012

Irene The Dream was extremely photo shoot fresh behind the scenes of her latest shoot. These got to be her best pics of the year. Thoughts?

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Discussion18 Comments

  1. yungwhittx says:

    nice..i luv this ghetto ass barbie doll, even if she does where 3 pounds of make up she still badd

  2. Mike Lowrey says:

    One of ANS’s finest. She look damn good in whatever she wear street clothes, gym clothes, tight clothes etc etc.

  3. Yeah she looking real good!!

  4. MoorFedayeen says:

    Need dem bonuses

  5. presto 2.0 says:

    oh i see how it is @Hahz…”one of them Tc dudes asks for more chocolate(Irene)…and you hook him up?”…(dont make me pull up the prior post)

    but our Bp requests are ignored?…lol

    **@HAHZ VOICE**….”?”…lmao!

  6. wobeli says:

    Dope chick she has the illest peter pan stance.

  7. R.E.D.BP Monopoly says:

    she can get it

  8. REX REDBONES!!!!! says:

    Cute chic,SMASHABLE maybe more dependin on her personality

  9. Realtalkin says:


  10. Pretty Ricky What They Call Him says:

    This chick is fine. And she’s from my hometown. I’m with @moor when need a bonus.

  11. Dreamvillain says:

    Irene Can Get It

  12. Prime706 says:

    She banging and she got one of the best body’s in the game.

  13. TYBO2020 says:


  14. 1luv says:

    Well looks like another winner for the yellow bones.

  15. Larcen says:

    She has always been a gorgeous one in my eyes and she still is! she look good without make up too, she need to start taking no make up pics cause she look better without it!

  16. Dreamvillain says:

    @ANS yall need to put irene on here more often.. she’s mad sexy.

  17. n4red says:

    hands down 1 of the hottest

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