It’s only been a few months since Apple released the iPhone 5, but one designer already has a vision for what the next model should look like.

Federico Ciccarese, an Italian designer, has come up with a series of stunning renders for the iPhone 6 — assuming that’s what Apple ends up calling the next redesign of the device — which would represent a significant change to the phone’s external design and operating system according to Mashable.

The concept for the iPhone 6 is inspired by the shape of the iPod Nano, though when applied to the iPhone it bares some resemblance to the Nokia Lumia. At the same time, Federico has re-imagined the look and feel of the operating system with a concept he calls iOSX, which is a fusion between iOS and the Mac OS X.

Since it will likely be several months before the next iPhone is released, there haven’t been many rumors yet about how the device will look.

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  • Tim

    Here they go again, yet another Iphone. I still have my Sam Galaxy S2 and Samsung is still supporting it by means of updates. So in the next few months I will have a new phone by means of software and not by buying another phone.

    I will be getting the Sam Galaxy S4.

    Apple is using the public as phone testers and they are getting paid for it!

  • Big B 33

    Unless Apple did a survey & found that a very high percentage of it’s users could do without the ‘Home’ button that is not the official iPhone 5S or the iPhone 6.

    • Big B 33

      Never mind. Didn’t read the text. Unless Apple decides it’s users can do without the ‘Home’ button they won’t consider that design.

  • hot brand new!!!1

  • i thought that the new iphone will have curves :((

  • great color fit for iPhone6, it is elegant design with flocking inner, good hand touch made from gadget2us