One of two trials against Craig Lamar Davis will begin Monday in Clayton County.Davis is charged with two counts of reckless conduct. According to prosecutors, Davis was a married pastor when he had se*ual affairs with two women and didn’t tell them he is HIV positive

“Our position is that the state will not be able to prove that my client is HIV positive,” said Davis’ attorney, John Turner.

One of Davis’ accusers, Ronita McAfee, alleges she had se* with Davis several times but he didn’t tell her he was HIV positive until after their second se*ual encounter.

“I think that somebody was very angry with me and that’s how this came about. Some very vicious things were said about me that are untrue,” said Davis.

Davis also has a similar case pending in Fulton County. Turner said both accusers will testify in the Clayton County case. During an exclusive interview with CBS Atlanta, Davis denied the allegations.

“This young lady is attempting to basically spread lies about me. I’ve never been a pastor. I wasn’t a pastor when I met her,” said Davis.

Davis said his defense will challenge the validity of HIV tests. His attorney said prosecutors will not be able to prove he is HIV positive or that he even had se* with those women.

“What the jury is going to find out and the community in general is that there is no test for HIV virus,” said Turner. “The whole thing is speculative and we are going to have expert witnesses to come and testify to that.”

One of those expert witnesses is a chemist who helped develop one of the first HIV tests.…tor?hpt=ju_bn1

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    ALL of this shit sounds illegitimate.

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    Scary Ish here….Strap up folks, it’s your LiFe!

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    he’s not denying he has the monster he’s saying they don’t believe the tests. and i bet he did claim to be a pastor. some foul sh1t being done in the name of god.