A man has tattooed his name across his girlfriends face less than 24 hours after they first met. Lesya Toumaniantz allowed Rouslan Toumaniantz to sign ‘Ruslan’ over her face in giant Gothic script on the day they met.

Mr Toumaniantz’s tattoo handiwork hit the headlines in 2009 after he tattooed 56 stars across an 18-year-old’s face who then lied and accused him of inking her when she was asleep.

But luckily his new girlfriend Lesya is pleased with the result, saying ‘It’s a symbol of our eternal devotion. I’d like him to tattoo every inch of my body.

The pair who met online in Moscow, Russia now plan to get married.

  • Queso (The Corp)

    This the chick that’ll stab u in ur sleep.

  • chollywolly

    Yep. It’s written all over her face (pun intended)

    • http://atlnightspots.com M0311

      ROFLMFAO! My my my, how things changes! Ask the author of, How Stella got her groove back

  • http://www.atlnightspots.com Kdot

    Tattoos look stupid wherever they are placed.

  • http://www.atlnightspots.com troll

    He’s branded her. Most maladjusted men do this with acid or bruises.

  • http://www.atlnightspots.com Ice

    can only imagine she wil live to regret it…..i know a tattooist…who will not tattoo the face or hands…

  • http://www.atlnightspots.com Ace

    Oh my lord! that is horrific! why on earth would you want to have something like that across your face.

  • http://www.atlnightspots.com Diamond33

    Obviously, this young woman prior to meeting this man had a serious emotional problem, low self-esteem, excessive immaturity, whatever. Otherwise, she would not have allowed this procedure to take place and would have quickly run to the hills to get away from him. She’s sick and he’s sick.

  • Realtalkin

    definition of idiots

  • BzB

    obvious mental health issues at play. sane people don’t behave this way.

  • Jamez

    bruh, she will KILL u if you break up with her. Meanwhile she aint neva gon have another job eva in her life. She gon look dumb as hell when she leave the house and ESPECIALLY when she get old

  • http://atlnightspots.com B Strait 3000(mega-corp)

    *@toofunny’s face tatoo*….”T…E…V…I…N” Rotflmao!!!!

  • President Ward

    The hell?

  • damnshame


  • http://www.atlnightspots.com SdotP

    Facial tatoos. The mark of the idiot.

  • e

    What do they do for a living? No one will hire them.

  • MoorFedayeen

    Where’s dad at?

  • joe

    look like monsters .

  • 1luv

    Show business and a tattoo parlor woill be the only place to get hired.

  • http://www.facebook.com/hotinkedgirls tattooed women

    Nothing beats a beautiful tattooed girl