While promoting his new new movie “21 Jump Street” (co-starring Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum), Cube talks about details of his “Friday” sequel that’s in the works. Are you anticipating another Friday?

  • Will

    I would like to see it, but at the same time, I think it will be painful to watch…a lot of time has passed between Friday movies and most of the people involved will look kinda out of place playin’ young characters (although Hollywood makeup does wonders)…I think the most painful part would be IF they Chris Tucker how he plays the Smokie character…I just can’t see him getting into it…he wasn’t into his last Rush Hour movie role at all…

    • ballin73

      shut up ole skeptical, scary a$$ nigga…nobody cares what u can’t see, who are u? …crickets … typical crab nigga s$&@ smh u haven’t even seen a trailer. wooosahhhh

      • Will

        How did you get past kindergarten?? Woo hoo…kids these days…smh…

        • Lmao yall wild^^^^^

        • ballin73

          I would like to see it, but at the same time, I think it will be painful to watch….although Hollywood makeup does wonders)…really?…. you sound like Drake crying and whining, I’m sooooo scared this movie might be bad. Get your panties out of a wad and relax homie, its just a movie…lol. It should Never be “painful” as you describe it after viewing your imaginary Friday trailer. Run along young lad and see the error in your ways. You are not prepared.

          • Will

            At least you made some complete sentences this time around…you may actually be right; your “English” is much more painful than the movie can be…lol…

            And although movies shouldn’t be bad, some still are…

          • complex

            the purpose of a sequal is to show how much the chaacters have grown based on the storyline and not to stay young…. why would they look young. name one movie that had a sequal and the characters look the same as the first one. some people are just retarded and whay makes it worst they try to justify what they think sounds good but it doesnt

  • ginoBrown

    Can’t wait

  • Origin

    HAHA Cube sounds like Death Certificate Cube in that 21 jump street clip….LOL!!!

  • PapiChulo

    As long as DJ Pooh does some writing on it, then i think they can pull of an epic finale. DJ Pooh wrote the first one and 3rd one with ricky smiley. The only trick would be getting Chris Tucker on there because he once demanded at least 15 million per role, but heard he broke now so he might reconsider