Hollup Hollup *Wipes eye*… Rosa Acosta and Miss Anowa got some competi*ion in the stretching game. @iammaliahmichel Maliah Michel is going hard in the 4th quarter throwing a hail mary touchdown pass with this video for the game win *Throws up both arms for the touch down*.

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  • pceezy


  • Cold and hot

    Her flexible thick ass just don’t know, I’ll give my self a headache going in on her.

  • sammo

    damn i need to build a gym at my house so she could come exercise and stretch her ass out by me…..

  • DAMN!!!


  • ld4644

    I just don’t see my d1ck ever going soft if I smashed that….. even after like 4 nuts. And just incase i will have viagra and ky on deck just so we could keep going. That backshot is prolly ridiculous man.

  • ld4644

    And a five hour energy lol

  • Tim

    That thick chick worth money. I would bite them fat legs up! Looks good in all natural form. Almost looks like girl next door.

  • Tim

    For anyone who saw that as stretching, it is far from it. More like Dyck Tease to me. If I was Drake I would have got her a house too.

    • Ray.

      That’s exactly what I thought, even b4 I clicked the post, I was like “now everybody wanna do a stretch video. yea right, she just gonna be showing her ass *click*” lol

  • MoorFedayeen

    DAMN My faith has been restored. I was gettin a lil tired of her but this is nice. I like the fact that she let us see her right out the bed into a morning stretch. Hair aint done but it’s a nice change from her always looking her best. This is a unique post Hahz

    • @moor,hey fam once again I’m wit you 100%. I wasn’t gettin tired of seeing her tho lol! But she get mad luv for showing how she really looks without being all glammed up. Maliah stay on her ish tho,she consistently b killin it,strait up!

      • jfizzle

        @B strait, dog I was thinking the same thing, yo she look cute without being all glammed up. That booty is crazy, I got watch that again

        • jfizzle

          I’ll tell you what, if Drake really hit that, I got a new respect for him!!!

  • Guru51

    This woman has talent…I would give her my whole check! Damn she BAD!!!!!!

  • Poppichuloco

    Lord have mercy, I rebuke thy enemy so get behind my. Amen

  • ATLien


  • no hate

    One word: NICE.

  • bamabeest

    @ 4:29…….GOODNESS GRACIOUS!!!!!

  • whats the song called?>

    • jfizzle

      @jeffrey, there was music playing? LOL

    • Poppichuloco

      Fu@k the music, pay attention, you may learn a thing or two.

      Stay thirsty!

    • New-ice

      help me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!! whats the song ?

    • Mr. BigC2009

      Music, there’s music in this vid??

  • NigerianKingD

    Ma’an I wanna hump that ass!

  • lonestar playa

    i fuckin love u maliah

  • lonestar playa

    im nasty too maliah lol

  • BossMann

    how many times have you looked at is video? Cuz I’m on number 85… Lol

  • Maliah is fine as wine.

  • Maliah got an real soft good booty

  • bigguh

    Man…there aren’t enough words. I tell everyone I know that I can never go to 2 places – Brazil and Houston! I would go broke on her…I swear. I don’t know what this woman does to me…I swear she is the only “video vixen” that has this effect on me. I would do things to her that shouldn’t be allowed. My goodness. This solidified it for me. The natural look, no makeup, hair undone, no airbrush. The f#$kin way her ass separates from her thighs, but the thighs compliment the ass because they are so damn thick…then I love that she doesn’t look as light as the flix make her seem: Do you see the crack of her…GRRRRRR!!!! then that fold between the butt and thigh…how it turns dark when she bends….UGGGHHHHH!!!! I’m going to take a cold shower!!! Then I’m coming back to watch this again…UPDATE…this vid has been saved to my phone!!! YES!

  • Moula

    “Love Me” no comment *smh*

  • Boy1nder

    What’s this song called?

  • Top$eedz