Howard Veal owes $533,000 in back child support. He was sentenced to between two and four years in prison.

After fathering 23 children, Howard Veal, who may be the biggest deadbeat dad in America, has been sentenced to 23-48 months in jail for failing to pay child support.

“In my entire career I have never seen a case like this where so much was owed to so many and ignored,”

Kent County Judge Dennis Leiber, who has presided over support cases for more than 20 years, told ABC News

The Michigan man accu*ulated a debt of more than $533,000 in child support payments, according to court records. Veal has allegedly failed to support his children beyond a few meager payments. “You are the poster child for irresponsibility,” Leiber told Veal at a court hearing, according to The Grand Rapids Press.

“You’re an insult to every responsible father who sacrifices to provide for their children.”

In the last seven years, Veal reportedly paid less than a total of $90 for two of his children’s upkeep. In July, Veal pled guilty to failure to pay child support to Sherri Black for his children aged 16 and 11 years old. Of the more than $63,000 owed to Black, the Muskegon High School graduate was asked earlier this year to pay 10 to 100 percent of the child support owed for reduced charges. By late August, Veal had paid nothing.

Black, the mother of two of Veal’s children, wrote in a letter that it’s heartbreaking to choose between shoes and rent.

With a checkered employment history, the 44-year-old Veal has been living with his current girlfriend, who is the mother of four of his children.
During a presentencing investigation, Veal disclosed he fathered 15 children with a total of 12 women but said he could not remember them all.
Findings by a more comprehensive report ordered by the court alleged Veal fathered 23 children by 14 different women. Children that Veal has also allegedly failed to support.

‘Outrageous Case’

Michigan Assistant Attorney General Mitchell Wood wrote the judge to seek sentencing beyond the guidelines: “The Attorney General’s Child Support Division has prosecuted thousands of felony nonsupport cases since its inception, but none as outrageous as this. For a decade, between 1989 and 1999, the defendant impregnated at least one woman every single year.”
After hearing the facts about the case, the judge said he deviated from sentencing guidelines for substantial and compelling reasons. The guidelines called for no more than six months in jail.

“When you create a human being, I think you have a fundamental responsibility to provide for that child with necessities like food, clothing and shelter,” says Judge Leiber. “Those were the thoughts running through my mind when I saw a man that was spectacularly irresponsible.”

Veal says he’s been out of work and pays what he can. At least 14 additional child support cases are pending against him.

The case has lighted up the online comment boards in Michigan, where unemployment tops 13 percent. The Kalamazoo Gazette, in an opinion piece on its Website, said the tough sentence doesn’t solve much.

“Explain how it makes sense to take a man who can’t or won’t pay child support and stick him in jail for up to four years where taxpayers will then have to pay more than $30,000 a year to feed and house him?”

wrote Joyce Pines.

But the Saginaw News said that enough is enough. “We’re with the judge in our astonishment at the breadth of the accusations in this case. The father says he tried to make child support payments from his unemployment checks. But — come on! — there’s no way that 23 children could be even partially supported on that kind of income.

“Bottom line: All parents have a moral, civic and financial duty to provide for and nurture their children.”

He gets locked up and can’t pay anything for 4 more years,but if he works they are taking %70 of his check so either way jail is a better option for him. He probably don’t know what it feels like to have se* with a condom.

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  • King

    ODB voice “eww baby I like it raw”

  • Bojangles

    I mean why so much why

  • mr.portcity

    Mind boggling..this mess can’t be fixed

  • moorfedaeen

    This nigga need to just be executed. No telling the amount disease and heartache he’s spread to so many people. Why even spend more money taking cae of this clown when you could spend less then a dollar on one bullet?

  • Now, what about the women, who I imagine mostly knew about the other children as they think it is okay to share a Black Man because of the shortage of them. I heard that a lot when driving my cab, as I took the same guy to five different addresses in one evening, and the woman would come out and pay for the cab.

    • Kceezy

      Oh wow now that’s funny. As a black woman who is married to a black man. I do feel that the women are to blame. You can spot a dead beat man from a mile away. Come on now you’re paying for his cab ride. If a man can’t afford his own cab he definately can’t afford to take care of a baby the women should have protected themselves.

  • john will

    wow looks like he just couldnt pull out good p@#$%y will have you like that my friend got sixteen kids and he only 24

  • Poppichuloco

    It’s dumb-a$$ like this that f@@k up the system for the rest, now when a ni@@a stands in front of a judge regardless of their situation that judge is going to be thinking of this ignorant ni@@a when the decision comes down. We got to do better.

    Stay thirsty my friends

    • Chicago “Blue” Green

      We got to do better!!!

  • Guys like him are the reason for vasectomies & castrations. PEACE!!!

  • The first question that jumps to mind is how many of these children is has he really fathered?

    If he has not cooperated with child support, I would be willing to guess that he did not cooperate with the initial actions to take a paternity test, meaning that many, if not all of these children, may not be his. If he was uncooperative, than they would simply enter a default order, and once that order is in place, it cannot be overturned in most states, regardless of paternity.

    Last January there was a news item of a 21-year-old man being informed that his taxes were being intercepted because he owed child for his 15-year-old daughter. Child support enforcement would not accept his birth certificate as evidence that he could not be the father. Once ordered, must pay.

    Before we moan and groan over this man, perhaps that now he is in jail, they can do the paternity test and actually see if he has any children.

    Now, if one or all of them are his, what about the women? I imagine that mostly knew about the other children as they think it is okay to share a Black Man because of the shortage of them. I heard that a lot about that when I was driving my cab. I would frequently take the same African-American man to five different addresses in one evening, and the woman would come out and pay for the cab. They knew where he had last been, and where he was going next. They didn’t care, as they wanted children by him.

    In addition, what do we do now about all the fatherless children? Will they grow up to contribute to 85% of crime? That is the #1 common factor found in those who commit crime. “Ominously, the most reliable predictor of crime is neither poverty nor race but growing up fatherless.” Fortune Magazine – Fatherless Families & Crime

    Fatherless children, at least according to our Commander and Chief, is a far worse problem than the total amount of child support owed, yet the government does nothing about the 40% of mothers denying fathers’ access to the children.

    One final point to address in this, if he can be jailed for a debt, why not do that to everyone who has unpaid debts? Imagine how that would help the national debt. We could start jailing all the politicians.

    • moorfedayeen

      That’s real talk right there. It take two to tango and I’ve seen it happen more then once after I WARNED a woman not to f*ck with a dude that had 11 kids. Her dumb ass ended up being the 12th and the punk nigga never even came back to see how beautiful that baby was. Me and her fell out since but I’d still like to see that kid again and I worry about him. It’s a mess out here. Peace

  • morris2196

    Shouldn’t something be done to those 14 hoes?

  • Blanch

    World needs to have a law allowing men and women to have children according to their income,age,health etc.For example see Michael Douglas, he is over 60, has little children and what if he dies from cancer. Every child needs decent mother and father who can take careof them,be supportive and exemplary.

  • carouser

    What kind of life can we expect for children forced to grow up in situations where there is little to no regard for their well-being? Will these mothers ever see money from this serial impregnator? It’s doubtful.

    For the next four years, Veal will be housed, bathed, fed, and taken care of; and we can only hope that the same can be said for all of his many children.

  • At what point do these females start taking responsibility for having unprotected sex with a guy that has kids with another female. Women and the system are so quick to blame the guy all of the time but, at some point women need to realize that if they choose to give up the pussy to a deadbeat, then that’s on them. There’s a reason the kardashians only date ballplayers and guys who are wealthy, so that they aren’t in this kind of situation.

  • Dave Chappelle said it best, if a nigga can get some pussy in a cardboard box, he’d never buy a house. So ladies you gotta understand that you hold the power of pleasure but, you got to exercise that power.