How To Be Faithful To Your Woman

· March 24, 2013


Comedian JerryLaVigneJr is back with another Vlog this time he is talking about “How To Be Faithful To Your Woman”.

Dear folks & folkettes, how yall doing? ok cool im doing fine as fuuck myself, gracias! Every woman should love the f^ck out of this video, im tryna help yall a@$$@. LADIES, I REPEAT LADIES deserve commitment, loyalty, and faithful Sh*t NOT b***es that aint Sh*t! If YOU have nothing to offer, f^ck everybody aka wh***, can’t cook, talk to f^ckin much, dont shave your mustache, armpits, legs, forearms, etc, you do NOT deserve a faithful man! Period! Menstrual Cycle! Appreciate me! Videos every Sunday! #RIPSh*t

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  1. 20/20 says:

    The headline should read ‘Things fruity booty bandits say’…needless to say he’s not funny :-\

  2. Faithful tip #7: imagine ur chick being smashed by another dude!!

    **Ice T voice**..”shiiit B…what if u faithful & ur woman still gets smashed by another nigga?…F dat…get money,f*ck bitches”

  3. Show him how to turn off the stove/gas

  4. Fuck this clown. Corey Holcomb keep shit huunad. Fake ass Deray. Money cash hoes! On my Block!

  5. presto 2.5 says:

    “How to be faithful to ya woman”

    go to work…take ya azz home… <—- (repeat erryday)…lol

    If you stick ya foot in tha water (being around other women)….you WILL jump in no questions…so stay away from the water…lol

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