Why do Latin guys unbu**on their shirts? Behold the power of the “Latin bu**on”. Check out this commercial starring Supereeego, Victor Ortiz, Jessica Rabbit and Shantel Jackson that will leave you scratching your head. I can’t keep up with all these things going on in Boxing these days it’s starting to turn into a soap opera.

  • queso (The Corp)

    Funny…hey u don’t want that shi# buttoned to ur neck gotta have it open somewhat…as far as floyds girl was like she had her face in his lap or something. I’m sure he aint got no hard feelings towards this nicca. He bout that money!

  • Eekman

    I can’t lie, those three clips were funny.

  • 1luv

    So what are thet advertising?

  • CruiseControl

    Its not head scratching, im pretty sure she was paid money for this and nattually she follwed suit, Take away flyodds fame and money and do you think she would still be with his lil biiitch azz.

    I bet right now he PMS’ing and biiitching up a storm, nothing hurts a rich man more than his woman being taken or pulled by a lesser financial man

  • R.E.D.Corp GOD

    A smut gon be smut at the end of the day………

    Stop saving these hoes

    • CruiseControl


      like project pat said “she dont want to be saved”


      • 4xtra

        Dis video reminds me of 100+ niggaz I know…
        I even had to talk a guy from KILLIN himself ova a broad, he was holding a SHOTGUN to his face…