Here is this weeks edition of the hottest night club candies of the week. Right now in Atlanta is the calm before the storm, BET Hip Hop Awards/ Classic is going to have people coming out of hibernation. Who would you have holla’d at?


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  • Playboy69


    • @Playboy see if i just said what you said. My comment would got erased that’s crazy.

      • Playboy69

        @Ward…Same thing happen to me on a MALIAH post few months go…You are not ALONE!

      • Playboy69

        @Ward… But wasn’t about PORTIA!…But my comment got ERASE!

    • Don’t mention the p word, we got some ANS snitches dm’ing chics talking about wolfpack.

      • Playboy69

        @hahz…WOW! So the P-Word DEBATES are OVA on ANS????

        • Playboy69

          @Hahz… Say it So Hahz Say it so…LMAO!

      • presto 2.0

        Stopit @Hahz!…”Controversy is good…look at Curtis Jackson”…lol

        Portia Jenkin…Portia Jenkins…Portia Jenkins…lol

        Bp Corp

        **@Hahz pulls out eraser**…”I run this shyt prest…not the Corp”…lmao!

  • ballzdeepigo

    Bonus pic ballzdeepigo doe!

    • MoorFedayeen

      Yea I can’t argue with nobody in the club like that. She damn near naked.

      • scog81

        Hell Yeah. That Azz Sitting Up Right. POUNDING!!!!

  • lazarus

    Im’a go wit Orange dress, Grey fit wit see-thru thong showing and the courvasier pic on the right. Honorable mention to K.Hill, you can’t deny that frame of hers. Would like too see her in somethin other then some b-Boy ish. Most of these tho wouldn’t register on my radar.

  • Pretty Ricky What They Call Him

    Pic 22 look at the chick in the white dress. “I think that nigga put something in my drank”

  • lazarus

    pic 3 Caption. “Here Kitty, Kitty”.

  • R.E.D.BP Monopoly

    1,2,4,9,13(Rose’chicks)16,17 and 37 in the turquoise dress I would holla at

  • Mister Mister
    • @mister, I knew u was a playa like me,the chick in the black top,red dress is the hottest chick in the post(1st link)

      • Mister Mister

        Yess surr, game recognize game mayne! She’s real tough, I’m glad they gotta backshot in too. Looking all-natural body wise, bonus points!

  • karo601

    going with chick in blue shirt and black tights…hands down

    • mannie007

      Dude, that broad is slick musty! Look at her under arms (shirt sweaty)!!! LOL Make sure you make that trick take a bath before you enter

  • Ole girl in pick #2 is the hottest to me

  • desolation

    only one from this crop that i think worth a damn is # 4.

  • jamar

    girl in the green and white striped dress needs to take all that extra sh!t off her forehead.

  • I’m starting off getting at the hottest chicks first & working my way down lol

  • Realtalkin

    the first lady posted and the lady in the blue shirt and black leggings

  • wobeli

    Second pic then Khrysti, maybe green and white stripes (just haven’t decided).

  • queso BP.1

    Some real nice thangs in this post..I’d prob smash every single one of them

  • TYBO2020

    3,6,9,11,12,16(PEEKABOO AREOLA),21,23,
    28(THE WINNER),30&39..

  • Camaro434

    Okay, who is the caramel complexion chick in the blue ribbed dress with the long hair and two-tone necklace?

  • Southwestern

    Green and white forehead Latina definitely, bonus pick no brainer, but my personal speed is the thick slimmy in the turquoise dress. She got that Mya look. I’m in her ear as long as she let me be.

  • PapiChulo

    damnnn this was a nice post here all real looking females niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Nobigurls

    2 and 4(freaky cougar like those)and green and white stripe, the rest is ehhh

  • ballin73