@Honey_ATL Headed To The Club

· May 11, 2013

Atlanta boutique owner @Honey_ATL dresses to impress when she hits the night club. She is a 5’11 Glamazon.

You can follow her boutique


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  1. presto 2.5 says:

    Provided by the Megacorporation Internet SupremeTeam…”Cot Dayum we so fly”


    • Queso (The Corp) says:

      @Pres I can’t stand us sometimes.

    • REX!!! says:

      Hmmm????fellas I see alotta HIPS n THIGHS but she do lack in the azz department,u can tell how her dresses fit her,don’t get me wrong I would date the shhhh outta her

      Rate….7.5 -8

  2. LifeIsGood says:

    #Wifey #Stallion #NuffSaid

    Yo check out this joint I seen on wizsdailydose:
    “Pretty Brown Eyes” Jasmine Adams:

  3. President Ward says:

    Another one bites the dust …. I’ll say she’s okay….

    Wolfpack Inc.

  4. lazarus says:

    I know i’ma hear it, but i think ya’ll know idon’t give 2 ucks who don’t like it. LOLO

    O’kay, Honey IS sexy, got a mean shoe game. MEAN(love women in heels) but and imean lack there of. This woman is ALL thighs mane. SMH I don’t get it. It’s like the 8th wonder of the world for a woman THIS thik to not hav ass????

    It’s upsetting.

    This message sponsored by LeBron James Headbands. The best defense against sweat an Hate a man can buy. Make sure you look into our Wisdom of Solomon Hate-blocker Oral gel for women.

    • Queso (The Corp) says:

      @Laz u see that thing bent over son? A Lotta times when u get shorties wit mad hips and thighs that’ll compensate for the cakes when that thing is bent over.

      • lazarus says:

        In this case @Queso, fam…… I’m So NOT seein it. I get it. Honey is NICE as hell butt. Ok, Example Ms. Koi bent ova, Ms. Honey Bent ova???
        Who ya got??LOL

        @Hahz I know you feelin Ms. Koi, feel free to come out ya lofty surroundings an give some insight to the “PACK”.

      • presto 2.5 says:

        @Queso speaks truth…when mommy got that thang spread and arched…my-my…a beautiful thang homie (real G’s can dig and recall…while youngins visualize and speculate)…lmao!

        and that lil gut…#DatRealShyt

        and yall niccas want Sony “Make.Believe” …lol

        im keep’n her…Stamped MGC…lol

  5. Queso (The Corp) says:

    Ay yo don’t even try not play urself getting ur Byron Long on tryna pick this chick up lol….this chick ain’t for the faint of heart=teamchoco 130lb weighing chicken chest as# niccas.

    • lazarus says:

      +1, LOL

    • Lmao @queso,hell naw she’s not getting picked up. Too tall & heavy

      • MoorFeen4Lorraine says:

        N1gga pleaze. #TC is known for heavyweights but this chick is a whale.

        • Realtalkin says:

          lol I hear that @queso

        • presto 2.5 says:

          I kno this nicca aint rep’n TC…wit a MGC broad in his fukn name??…smfh?…now what sense does that make you silly muthauka??…lmao!

          I dun seen it all…you flip-floppy…contradictory…unloyal stank azz nicca!…lol

          **@MoorFeen pulling knife outta @2Bummy’s back**

          • MoorFeen4Lorraine says:

            Fuq a n1gga say to me? To be honest that post was only destined for a couple views and maybe 20 comments. N1ggas wasn’t checking for ole girl before I started saying that. The comments before mine reflect.

            And aint sh1t wrong wit my name. I’m still down with my set. You must come to ANS just to follow a G around cause that’s all you do. Get you some bizness

  6. 828jeffe says:

    @ Queso That’s real talk bro. She is good in my book

  7. Big ALbert says:

    She nice no doubt. Cute face, crazy hips and she seems cool as hell.

    I give her an 8.

  8. MGC and Sol Novus with another W! yeah,her thigh game is maxed..

  9. Old Skool Quote says:

    Maybe it’s just me but she need to hit the gym, lose weight then add mo pics. She sexy but seen better!!

    • MoorFeen4Lorraine says:

      These n1ggas in here trippin. Sho nuff I do a few shots of that cheap azz Amsterdam then proceed to have a heart attack trying pump that jumbo azz but I question whether I’d go out in public during the day time with something that big, and she wearing white too as if it aint bad enough. No hate. Dead serious. Glad it aint just me.

      • presto 2.5 says:

        read this dumb..front’n azz comment ^^

        “..but I question whether i’d go out in public during the day time with something that big…and she wearing white too”

        and yall wonder why?…lol

    • Cold and Hot says:

      Shieeeeeet my dude I don’t need no hard body broad, she dope. I like a tall chick as long as she thick wit it and her waistline tight, and fine in the face like this broad right here.

  10. I’d smash her friend in the pink top too!!

  11. tHe kiD fRanKiE says:

    Sign me up

  12. WildWild says:

    Lawd have mercy … thick fine red bone.. let me get that honey sauce boss

  13. Newyorkvixen says:

    Wow she’s huge as in height wise but nice waist to ass ratio !!!!! She’s a good look and pretty skin tone

  14. blizzy says:

    pretty woman … but where’s the donk

  15. Cold and Hot says:

    MY TYPE OF WOMAN!! Yeah baby in the pink can get the wood too!

  16. 1luv says:

    Body is banging along with that pretty face. Would love to holler at her.

  17. NoWhiteInMyCup says:

    my type of woman good and so rare to see a all natural woman these days

  18. seanjohn100 says:

    shes kinda big but she definitely has a nice face

  19. LouieVtheKING says:

    Super thick and beautiful. Wow!

  20. Pceezy says:

    That 3rd pic is a problem,,, y’all trippin,,,cats sayin they wouldn’t b caught with this chick?!,,,,, wow,,,,,

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