Fellas how many times have you heard a female you just started talking to tell you “I wish guys just keep it real and said they just wanted to have sex

and had no intentions on having a relationship.. I would of been cool with that” I always took that as a warning sign before I go further with my feelings for you speech.

So this myth was busted in the video above (I don’t think he asked enough women or his approach was smooth). At what point do you keep it 100 and say I just want to have sex with you? After you ask the routine questions that you have to make your self seem interested about if you see no future for her in your life.

Have you ever told a woman straight up I just wanna smash and she was cool with it?

The direct method..

  • MGC InfaRED

    This a video sums up Every member of Teamchoco

  • Greg4422

    Nah he’s a little to abrasive with it though… “most” women don’t want to be thought of as a ho…but there’s an exception to everything

  • miguel_t

    Lol he picked the wrong mall. Might have actually had more of a chance if he went up Mondawmin. Highly unlikely still.

  • tHe kiD fRanKiE

    Fact!!! Had he took that shit Security he woulda had much success.
    They wit it! Or if he was just cruisin they the city tryn it he would got a number at minimum with that strategy.

    • Jfizzle

      @miguel, @Frankie, Oh sh!t, some B-more nigg@$ in the building! What up YO!

    • Billy The Kid

      Damn i ain’t know all yall was from bmore that’s what it is

  • bobevil

    This simply doesn’t work unless the woman is a real slut.

  • 1986

    Nah he was too aggressive wit it..u gotta ease into the honesty part, make them feel super attractive and make them feel attracted to you..u also gotta make them feel like they can trust you…it’s def possible because it works for me..He was looking kinda bummy and dehydrated…but honesty def works

  • pdatruth

    he was too abrasive with the whole I wanna “fuck” he should have not cursed and kept it polite instead of saying it like that might have had a better shot

  • BzB

    been there done that. most women want honesty about sex, but not the very first time you see them. if on a first date or whatever and you’re attracted to them, but not looking for a relationship then just come out and say it…. look i’m having a good time and i’m attracted to you. not really looking for a gf, but i do want to have sex with you. simple as that. sometimes females are down for a cut buddy too as long as you keep it 100 with them. they might get to blushing and say nah i’m good, but then reconsider later and let you know they’re down with it.

  • shaunyc

    Best part… “Myth busted, bitch…” Lmao