Homgrown Model Of The Moment : Stephanie Santiago

· March 23, 2011

Wednesday’s model of the moment is 5’7 145 pounds Stephanie Santiago from NY. Stephanie was on ANS before HERE if she has a Spanish accent i would be feeling her even more. Thoughts?

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  1. 850Cane says:

    She’s alright nothing to brag about.On to the next one Hahz.

  2. igor says:

    I would love to see your girl if she is just alright.

    • 850Cane says:

      I don’t like sh1t like this Igor. If you think this is nice and u called “Krysti Hill” alright or given her lower than an 8 then something is wrong with ur tastebuds homie.

      • 850Cane says:

        I meant to say something.

      • igor says:

        majority of the people voted 8 for KH lets dead that.

        If you seen her walking down the aisle u wouldn’t holla? you would say she is just alright nothing to holla at.

        • Reef215 says:

          this is strawman argument, you think any of the judges of miss america wouldnt talk to any woman? yes they would. they judge her in comparison to other greats/dimes. just because you can’t beat mayweather in a fight does that mean you cant judge his boxing skills, just because you can’t beat lebron on one and one does that invalidate your analysis of his game?

          i hate when people say… “oh you’ll holla at her tho” what da fuck does that mean, some n1ggas will holla at Precious that doesn’t mean they don’t know a standard of beauty.

    • too funny says:

      don’t matter how another man’s girllook. We all know beauty is in the eye of the beholder and just bc she all caked up in makeup don’t make her look exceptional, I be the judge when she doesn’t have any on.

      I agree with 850, she just OK.

      • 850Cane says:

        @ Igor man kenfolk if this is what u like i’m not knocking u for it homie.

        @ Too funny I knew someone would agree.

        • @850 cane gd eye like usual bro/this girl bangable with the paper bag after lookin at pic #1/igor i like to see ur girl if u think this chick more than a 5/this is the type of girl i wood hit and laugh when she brought up a relationship/

          irene the dream= bad as fuck 5* star chick

          and this chick = a bad post

          compare this girl to krystil hill is the joke of the day excuse me while I laugh hahahahahahahahaha

        • 850Cane says:

          @ Igor the answer to your query……You damn right I would say she alright lmao.And hell naw I wouldn’t try to holla @her. Sh11t playboy i’m quite sure that it will be another stallion walking by that will bury her ass. And when that happens what will you do? be a maingy ass fool that will go and try to holler @ the other chick that walked by? U bout would do some sh11t like that lol. And as u can see ur the only one that is on this chick kitty kat like that.

          • 850Cane says:

            @ ur boy so strong wassup playa man what’s wrong with Igor man? Lmao…….man boy so strong answer this query for me. If u seen this chick walking down the aisle would u holler @ her? Where’s my girl Cakes @ she been missing like a Mf I need her opinion on this one.

          • 850Cane says:

            @ reef25 homeboi I’m not even going to respond to ur comment because it ain’t even worth it. But I can tell u this lol speak for urself on hollering at precious lmao.

  3. ginobli says:

    can we get some better pics huh looks a lil plastic if u ask me

  4. Blue says:

    Damn Hahz I been waiting all day for a post and this is what you throw out… stop playing bruh and bring out the goodies. Oh wth is a spanish accident homie…lol, just fuxing w/u. Easy!

  5. Sohated313 says:

    Yeah, she real nice!

  6. Reef215 says:

    she nice, but in the link hahz she got a long ass like someone stretched her cheeks out, you loose points for that, but other than that she a bad b111tch….

  7. hahz i saw the old post shorty still a solid 5 in my book face ugly, body a good luck if its real/ i wood treat her just lik any other girl i see/ no i wouldnt i treat her/i mean dnt take sexy no wait tryna to be sexy pics lik this and expect me treat u with respect u just another dent in the bed and send u on ur way

    @850 cane igor must be on a drinkin binge

    if i saw this girl in the aisle and i was with my #1side chick I could care less

  8. i must be missin sumthin cuz she aint really showin sh11t to me to even warrant a responce!!!

    • B strait up says:

      @rex, THANK You FAM! I was wondering did anybody else notice that lol. This chick is too close up on the camera in all these pics,u can’t even get a good look @ wut she workin wit! Move back some baby damn lol,strait up!

  9. mr.portcity says:

    She look so different without the blonde wig..she has a serious rack

  10. hahz with all do respect i got alot of love for ur site/and from ur convo wit ur loyal site followers u a stand up guy/but i was gone when u made her homegrown model of the moment

    no reason to ban me we just got different taste

    any other day u on point just 2 day was u know

    no hard feelings ur site still christmas moring this

    post was coal instead of present

  11. Drestackones says:

    850 Keysti Hill bout a 7, this ain’t much better thou

  12. t-tyme says:

    she aight !!!

  13. Jimmy89 says:

    she’s alright.nothing special. plus she aint got no ass

  14. gphi says:

    She’s very sexy. PEACE!!!

  15. Come out with a shirt… Where’s the cakes. I can not see her ass at all. I can not tell but at the end of the day she gets the USSA (United States Smash Approval

  16. Breezy says:

    dam she fine ass hell

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