Susana Martinez,the Governor of New Mexico has decided enough is enough and has put an end to the filming of tv shows and movies in her state such as the ht series Breaking Bad. A bill has been vetoed that would have given production companies incentives on their taxes.

The “Breaking Bad” bill was passed but she wants people to know that she does support but doesn’t not support the fact that  lawmakers approving only a subsidy for Hollywood rather than making it part of broader economic development.

“I cannot in good conscience further expand New Mexico’s film subsidy while leaving other sectors in our economy unassisted and genuine reform unattained,” the Republican wrote.

Law makers are scheduled to meet today and remain optimistic that a deal can be worked out before everything is finalized said Jon Hendry.

 “Her message was very positive,” Hendry said. “There is a deal to be had. We are not going to throw New Mexico workers under the bus just for the film industry. So we are encouraging everyone to work for a deal.”

  • Tim

    Damn Republicans killed Breaking Bad! They are about to spend 1 billion dollars to update a missile defense system in Alaska that the Russians could have easily gotten a missile threw by using duds and having the real one right behind them. All this we have too much spending here but not around the would talk is out of control.

  • MoorFedayeen

    @Tim only a fool looks at Rep and Dems as separate parties They’re two sides of the same coin or two heads on the same snake.

    I gotta say this was smart on her part and I support the move 100%. F*ck big business. Hollywood thinks they are entitled to everything free. Why should they skip on taxes while the regular folks have no choice but hand over more then their far share? The film industry came to Michigan, did quite a few major films and had no impact.

    Revenue is all city and state has so why the f#ck would we not take it from them when we know they reap MILLIONS from their programs they film in our states????? There’s no reason what so ever

    • Tim


      No one who leaves a reasonable comment should be thought of as a fool, only that he or she has an opinion. The saying Timing is everything comes to mind here because most places have been doing these practices for years. I saw this first hand in Baltimore when they shot the Wire and other series and movies here.

      Also, being in the know. I can tell you the Cities and States do make money from series and movies being shot there.

      The correct questions should be:

      Where does the money go?

      What sides of town gets to see it?

      Since you are doing a movie about a city, why does the the money go to the richer parts of the state rather than the dogged out section which is showcased on the series itself.

      When elected officials don’t get their cut however it may be, do they make things sour for everyone else using arguments this lady made. Even if the poorer sections never saw any of the revenue in action in there locations in the first place?

      The separate parties thing is getting tired too, when I would get into fights as a kid and my friends would crowd around me to make sure it was a fair fight, I never blamed my friends and the dude I was fight for trying to hurt me. Only the person standing in front of me trying to hurt me.

      Standing in a crowd telling people you heard a gun shot not getting us no where dude, when all along we know who is firing shots!