After a serious of health related issues prevented her from initially speaking to Congress,Secretary of State Hillary Clinton testified on the attacks that killed United States Ambassador Chris Stevens along with three other Americans.

While addressing the Republican critics of Obama and at times being backed downed and cornered the former first lady held her own against those questioning her for not fully addressing the incident that took place. Full coverage of story can be read at MSN.

  • Presto 2.5

    to sum it all up…
    “We dont kno why they did it…but since yall make’n a big fuss over it…we’ll find who did it and exterminate dey azz wit our new ray gun…sheeesh!”…lol
    i reall dont give a damn bout the Benghazi killings…but they defnitly hide’n sumthin…its been too long…wit no new info…i’m surprised they havent made up some shyt to quiet’n down the few who care (Rep.)….believe me the higher ups  kno what think all these months went by and THEM BOYZ dont kno nothin?…smh…yeah right!…nicca cant pass gas witout them boyz know’in…if they wanna kno…lol

    • Ya basically, people died who didn’t have to and no one is going to do time.

  • TheJudge

    GOPers: Do you remember Democrats politicizing the memo that Pres. Bush received a month prior to 9/11 saying “Domestic airliner attack imminent”? No you don’t because it would have been scurrilous and insulting to 9/11 victims to try to gain political points from their tragic murders. Anyway, keep digging your hole.

  • crabapples

    white men feel like they have no boundaries when it comes to questioning anyone who is not one of them.  i’m not a huge hilary fan, but i do think she was disrespected in that line of questioning.  they took it too far and lost sight of who they were talking to.  they’d never do that with one of their ‘own’.

    • MoorFedayeen

      @crabapples N1GGA FUCGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG HILARY. You got me lookin at you in a whole new light man. I thought you were smarter then that. This b1tch is the ultimate lying hypocrite SNAKE. How about that sniper fire she claimed to be pinned down by?

      • crabapples

        you obviously didnt read what i fuking said.  i am not a fan of the woman.

  • MoorFedayeen

    These devils wanna put US boots on Libyan soil so bad.  For now they’ll have to settle for mercs doing the dirty work.