The gut-punch of death is never an expected one. The world stopped spinning for a few moments earlier today when the news broke that music god Prince passed away at 57. The emotional outpouring was swift and sudden on social media: There were tributes to Prince’s guitar virtuosity, to his song-writing ability, to his ability to transform music and conventional cultural boundaries.

But perhaps the most powerful summation of the music world’s collective shock and sadness comes from this high school teacher. One of his students captured the moment just after he found out about Prince’s death. He threw “Purple Rain” on for the class and needed a couple moments to himself, burying his hands in his head.

The thing you’re really looking at here is the unclenching power of great music. The memory recall, the ability to place yourself in it, the emotions that it causes to bellow from deep a part of your soul you forgot that you had.

In a day of powerful moments, it’s the most powerful moment.

  • Mister Mister

    That’s deep….but when you think about it, most of those kids in that class don’t know real music such as the talent of Prince. When they reach the age of this teacher, who will be their musical icons? Isn’t much naturally talented people out there now