Model Model Bubbles ,Deelishis, Irene The Dream and Sophia Christina headed to the club. Who looked the best?


Model Bubbles



Irene The Dream


  • Playboy69

    DEELISHIS gets the STANDING OVATION…. Irene the Dream, Bubbles, & Sophia needs to take several seat cuz DEELISHIS is the WINNER!

  • Daaaaaaamnn look at the bonus pic!! I got about 25-30 dollar bills 4 her LOL. Bubbles & deelishis are ridiculously thick. Irene got it poppin in that white tho

    • Queso (The Corp)

      Killin it

  • Realtalkin

    Man Id get at Irene so quick! Bubbles looking right too, they all can get it but the bonus pic is the winner

  • lazarus

    BUBBLES=Unicorn, SMDH. It’s rediculous really.
    Deelishis killed that yellow dress. R.I.P
    Irene is truly sexy as hell.

    The Whole ANS Wolfpack wants to know. @Hahz(Commish) who the hell is that Bonus. We need answers. A.S.A.P.

  • Big ALbert

    Irene all day. Deelishis and whoever is in the bonus joint tied for 2nd place.

    Bubbles n Sopha are weak.

  • jughead1


  • no hate

    Everybody in this post is BANGIN’, but Bubbles, Deelishis, and the bonus got my interest, MOS DEF.

  • BullnBearHP

    Well….. *confused*

  • 206dee

    Bonus got them super thick cheeks