Headed Out To The Club Friday Night Candies (3-22)

· March 24, 2013


Vixens Dana Lee, Yoncee, Bambi, Candy Zuda, Ashley Guillory, Yaris Sanchez, Kimmi Kennedy, Anabella Carrasco show you how the looked before hitting the night club. Who looked the best?


Dana Lee

Dana Lee


Candy Zuda

Anabella Carrasco

Anabella Carrasco

Ashley Guillory

Kimmi Kennedy



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Discussion9 Comments

  1. once i saw yaris i knew this was gonna be good. umm,ashley zee is my choice.

  2. Playboy69 says:

    Yaris & Bambi are TEAM FAIRY TALES STRONG!… Yaris Sanchez get the STANDING OVATION!….All other hoes need to take a seat….LOL!

  3. Big ALbert says:

    Yoncee and Ashley Zee are both the baddest of the bunch.

    Dana Lee looks like a tranny.

    Bambi’s ass looks fake and her hair looks like Rick James’.

  4. Realtalkin says:

    Loving how fat and juicy Donna Soublet ass be looking in that dress! Damn

  5. President Ward says:

    Ridin with my honey Keyshia Ka’oir.

  6. damnshame says:

    hellz no =this post was terrible

  7. 20/20 says:

    Keyshia looks the best total package the others “have this but not that” and way to many peculiar looking backsides wtf

  8. Mister Mister says:


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