Have You Been Eating Fake Blueberries In Your Food? (Video)

· December 13, 2011

A very informative video. I shall not buy Kellogg’s, and etc. They are pulling the wool over our eyes! We know that real blueberries are full of antioxidents but look at what several BIG food companies are doing to make for huge profits.

Isn’t this something? Nothing but disregard and greed! Who would have thought Kelloggs or Betty Crocker products deceiving? Watch for yourself, they are k!lling us little by little. What is the purpose of the FDA when things like this are happening?


    It’s been said that a cat will put premium(#97 gas) in his benz,but would put anything in his body,ur body is ur temple,and the only one u have,so take time to read these labels,these company’s are just like ur local D-BOY’S,they’ll sell u anything,as long as they make a profit,goverment ain’t gonna step in and say sh!t,cuz they gettin’ those big taxes,and kick back’s,it’s a thinkin’ man’s world,gotta be on top of sh!t,cuz it’s all about the money,and population control.

  • lnfamous

    Good shit. Just like this video, it’s a shame that we get over 100 comments on pics about Portia & sh|t but cats have nothing much to say about such real issues. Here’s some more food for the mind; if U know somebody on Unemployment Insurance, tell them to check this out: http://bottomline.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2011/12/12/9390907-long-term-jobless-face-deep-cuts-in-benefits?fb_ref=.TuZ_s2SsngY.like&fb_source=profile_oneline

  • Pancho

    U should see how they make chicken nuggets, frozen corndogs, or any processed meats. The call that shit mechanically seperated meat