We showed you Larry’s (5’8) vertical months ago in a throwback video. Michael Jordan brother just got a new position thanks to nepotism and will soon be the Director of Player Personnel. I guess a lifetime supply of Jordan’s wasn’t paying the bills for Larry.

  • @poster: you sound like a bit of a hater per your “thanks to nepotism” comment. How do you know Larry Jordon isn’t qualified to be the director of player personnel? LOL. Such is life. Perhaps you’d turn down the offer if your sibling was in a similar position?? At the end of the day everyone’s entitled to state their opinion. But that won’t stop Larry from getting paid irrespective of people’s thoughts on the matter.

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  • Bob

    Genetics is insane. How one dude come out over 6 feet and the other at the medium height of 5’8? And they have the same mother and father. Shit is cray.

  • Reverend Sanford

    White people do this all the time. It’s called OWNING the team!