Esther Baxter is a inactive model who recently made a transition into a new career. Sose*ysolei and Bubbles aren’t the only models cooking in the kitchen. Esther is busy these days heating up some ones kitchen.

  • stanb

    nobody cares tho….let me no when she showin boobs again

    • Playboy69


  • 1luv

    More power to her. At least she is one of the few women that knows making money off of good looks won’t last forever. Video vixen, modeling, stripping jobs can only go so far and then stop.

    Hard to imagine all the women that were strippers or models and didn’t think about doing anything after that lifestyle gets tired.

    • J


  • Southwestern

    I never cared for her too tough, but I like her a bit more now. Cool sh$t. She can chef up a salmon for your boy anytime.

  • BullnBearHP

    Looks good and can cook?? I’m liking the new direction of these models… working out and being able to cook.

    Thank God we are getting away from the stripper being a role model for beautiful women

    • +1

      • President Ward


        • MoorFedayeen

          +3 she trying to get wifed I see. Its positive so I support 100%

  • Realtalkin

    Good for her, the food looking good too

  • REX

    I guess she got tired of lettin rappers/entertainers run up in her without givin a flying f*ck about her so she made a transition to other passions…NOW WATCH HER GET AN AVG.JOE AS HER GUY NEXT!!!

    Shoulda been did this groupie azz BEACH

  • President Ward

    That’s what’s up.

  • Camaro434

    There are thousands of dimes out there who are just as fine as these chicks and are handling their business. I’m glad to see Esther is smart enough to see what’s really up. Some of these chicks will be 50 and still thinking they look 22. I saw a couple of them at the CIAA last weekend and though I would have smashed, it was pitiful. Kinda like dudes refusing to accept that they have been out of college for a decade or more.

    • Mister Mister

      Exactly, look at Deelishsis, 35 & still trying to make some kind of impact. They’re are plenty of women that don’t seek the spotlight, make good money, can cook & all that

  • mr.p

    Video girls are just glorified escorts and strippers so of course it’s now a trend for these h0es to go to the gym and stay in shape and most b1tches can cook and have a million other talents, yet they decide to be ” vixens”? These chicks are idiots. Good for esther though.

  • cadillacgrease of CorpTx

    imma chef too!! she’d get hulksmashed in my kitchen


    i know dudes in that school better be on that from first day of class.

    • MoorFedayeen

      Naw them broke n1ggas don’t stand a chance. She’s honing her gold digging skills or she’s aware her days are numbered so she bout choose up with some NFL n1gga.

      • @moor, Naw I believe she’s done waiting to be saved by a athlete/entertainer. She may very well b looking for a avg Joe with similar interest. Chef esther can cook for me anywhere at anytime lol.

        • Moor

          Naw once a bop always a bop my man. I can’t wife a chick that took Bow Wows virginity. I just can’t do it.

          • NoWhiteInMyCup

            @Moor i aint saying she a gold digger but she aint fcking with no lame niccas

            If it had been a nurse outfit , would have been more props, she talking to Kevin DURANT lil brother NBA D LEAGE nicca , but ol girl aint neva really been a gold digger contrary to relief

            She is from miami, her only son is from her highschool nicca who is in the army, a regular nicca,


    Go girl!!!

  • Stick

    Regarding the first pic: This is the first pic of her’s that made me smile in a long, long time. Do you Miss, do you. Peace.

  • P-NiCe

    Oh my, just LISTEN to all these Bioootch as niccah’s. Calling ya’ll “bitches” for the simple fact that ya’ll talkin ish and tryin to call her out just like jealous “b*****s.” Whack as ppl always have some negative ish to say. You say if she decided to be a nurse. How STUUUPID. A Chef makes more I do believe. Any way, I say CONGRATS to a young lady making moves and doing what she loves!! By this date she’s doing excellent HATERS.