Gucci Mane V-Nasty “Let’s Get Faded” (BTS) Video Shoot

· December 15, 2011

Gucci Mane V-Nasty shot their video for “Let’s Get Faded” today in Atlanta at Life night club directed by Benny Boom.

  • 808s

    COT DAMN shawty with that black paint on is fiiiiiine

  • Dereck

    I would smash the paint of that azz

  • JJ

    Yo fuuuuck that bytch v nasty. wack azz bytch

    but them other girls is fine

  • tt

    OMG! fukkk that raggedy ass, no skill havin’, can’t rhyme or rap fool! i see she tryna play that butch, dyke role now. please already. i don’t understand black people supporting this fake ass trick’s rap fukkkery! she & that other wannabe crayfish are straight up hot ass garbage. gucci mane looks so unbelievably DISGUSTING!!!