Gucci Mane “Trap God” Mixtape Listening Session (Pics + Video)

· October 17, 2012

Tuesday afternoon Gucci Mane held his “Trap God” mixtape listening session at Patchwerk Studios. As soon as you walked in your heard Gucci’s upcoming mixtape playing and you seen everyone entering the building immediately nodding their heads. After a smoke session upstairs Gucci hit the studio and let everyone hear the whole mixtape. The guest list included Young Scooter who is featured on a couple of songs, Rocko, Gorilla Zoe, Zaytoven, Blue Davinci, DJ Nando, Chubbie Baby, Shay Johnson, Mama Dee, Shasha Cream, Montana White and a bunch of others.  “Trap God” is going to one of the hottest mixtapes to drop this year. He is about to have the streets on fire and Young Scooter is going to be recognized as a force in the game.

Gucci Mane will be releasing his brand new mixtape, Trap God on WorldStarHipHop’s new mixtape website, WorldStarTapes. “10/17/12 is a Trap Holiday.

Young Scooter, Rocko and Gucci




Blue Davinici

Shay Johnson

DJ Holiday

Young Scooter


Mama Dee & Shay Johnson

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Discussion8 Comments

  1. anteasy says:

    Im still trying to figure out if future still good with scooter, being that he was his right hand man and screaming free bands, and now he is signed wit Gucci.

  2. Dj Abstrakt says:

    Gucci need to stay consistent he got the buzz, I don’t know why but I believe that Keyshia Cole line.Lol Shay looking thick in that pic, what was it hitting for in person @hahz?

  3. tyuaza says:

    man young scooter need lotion for them elbows

  4. Jason V. says:

    Shay FINE AS HELL. Scrappy crazy

  5. BlackAristotle says:

    lil mama in second pic

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