Atlanta, Georgia rapper Gucci Mane is locked up again after he was arrested today and charged with battery.

DeKalb County Police confirmed that Gucci, born Radric Davis, was arrested by the Dekalb County Fugitive Squad as he visited his probation officer.

The rapper is accused of pushing a woman out of a moving vehicle during a dispute with the woman, although the date of the alleged incident was not immediately known.

Gucci Mane is charged with a misdemeanor count of battery, but he could face a longer jail sentence for violating his previous probation.

The rapper spent time at the mental ward of Anchor Hospital in January, after he was accused of violating his probation for an incident in November of 2010.

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  • Southwest

    Gucci seems like a cool enough cat behind all the foolishness, but it’s obvious his record company is pimping him to no end to do the silliest shit he possibly can to sell records while brainwashing young brothers at the same time. Sad. There will probably be a reality show next that shows him buying and selling drugs.

    • MoorFedayeen

      Naw I can’t agree at all. This niggas a ultra clown and if he is getting pimped it can’t be for much seeing that all his followers are dirt hustlin ass project niggas, taht don’t spend real money, nothing like Jay-Z or even Wiz’s following.

      Yo Hahz find that vid of Gucci punching Breezy on YT and post it. Better yet here it is:

      • ATL Tony

        Nigga stop hateing because he a real nigga and don’t take no shit and you a sucka nigga. What’s all this “dirt hustlin project niggas” with yo suburban ass, those niggas just trying to feed they family.

        • blackandmild

          @atltony why are you taking up for a man, what about the woman that got pushed out of a MOVING car. Sounds gay, but i’m just keeping it real 2

        • MoorFedayeen

          Yo ATL, how old are you? If I had to guess I’d say no older then 16. Cause that’s just how you sound and look picking sh*t with other dudes on the net. One thing I’m not gonna do is argue with someone on the internet, let alone a little boy. Peace, bro.

  • too funny

    This dude pimpin his self into being that rap version of Mike Tyson, I’m not into his music at all, but his side show bob acts are overshadowing any good music (if there is any) he puts out.

    @Moor, your correct about who are his followers and of course their so ignorant that they probably co-signing on every dumb thing he does bc to them he’s qoute un-qoute, keeping it real.

  • Riem25


  • mobboss

    stay up Gucci, get through this trouble and bounce back hard brother. Like the muzik, uhhh smell my shrimp skampy fart Uhhhh..Stay up man

  • captain

    I hope he gets jail time & stays there because he is a problem a cancer a trifling mess that just needs to go away he helps nobody does nothing for nobody does fully pay his workers or security his music comes from his cocaine/crack headed mind i hope he rotts in jail because nothing can save this disgrace of a man.

  • realdeal1991

    not again gucci.

  • nauny g

    IDK!!!!Gucci I love you but What the hell is the matter with yoU?I think them drugs are fu#$ing his mine up now he trip n.Drugs can make you do thing like that. Buy n pu$$y come on now!! come to the STL and get it free.LOL.

  • slim d

    haahhahah lmao this mother f#$%3r is to funny!


    Its sad to see how there’s people with so many negative comments. Ill start by saying Prison isn’t for anyone so hoping that he rots there is just wrong. There’s people that pushed women off rollercoasters and got away with it, As long as the judge and lawyer get along, “Money Talks”. Sending gucci away sets an example alright, begining with probation. You get it as an offer instead of taking the jail time which again, has to do with money. They hit you with 3-5 years, knowing eventually youl violate, go back in prison, and serve an extra bid. Then the state bites of every dollar from the goverment to keep each inmate in a cell. It makes me sick to think about it. Gucci is locked up simply bcus the district attorney decided to pull his record out. EVeryone is a consistent violator of the law, 9 out of 10 times you get away with it. That’s all. As for his music? Just bcus an Old 47 year old wants to sit down and listen to country farm relaxing music doesn’t mean the world does. Gucci doesn’t talk people into selling drugs, he doesn’t care what you do. He only talks about himself. His daimond watches, braclets, earings, ferrari’s, lambos, and since I can only speak for myself, id say everything I dream about. Not only that but the generation isn’t what it used to be, and gucci plays a big role in this one. Somthing a parent can’t ever understand so that bieng said, I understand why you old people are against him. Know that in the end, your opinion doesn’t mean a thing to us. I don’t care if you think just because I was born in the projects it means your greater than I am. If it wasent for your ancestors you’d be in the same boat so ask yourself where would you be if it wasent for your parents or that golden crib you were born in. Don’t be upset that a guy coming from the projects ended up making more than you’ve ever done in 12 years of college